Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview After Swansea Win

Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview After Swansea Win

Jose Mourinho says everything went in our direction and to be 4-0 at half-time was not game over but was a good situation for control.

Jose Mourinho praises the all-round performance of his players, He says the defenders were just as good as the attackers.

Jose says the team still has to win cups in order to be remembered in 20 years. He says they are trying to the limit to make history.

Jose points out Swansea were missing three important midfielders which made it hard for them. Chelsea did well pressing in that area.

Jose says Courtois’s finger is getting better but he is happy with Cech’s performance. He says Cech is on the top his game.

Jose reports Drogba was absent today due to a little illness. There are no fresh injury problems from today’s game.

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