Things Jose Mourinho Said After Bradford City Game

Things Jose Mourinho Said After Bradford City Game

Jose Mourinho: ‘I feel happy for Bradford despite my feeling for the game. And I also feel ashamed & my players should feel the same.’

Jose repeats what he said yesterday, that losing this is a disgrace. He says it doesn’t happen a lot to Chelsea but it’s unacceptable.

Jose says he picked a strong team and that Andreas Christensen did his job well.

Jose points out it is more or less the same selection that beat Watford in the last round, and wasn’t a team of kids.

Jose says Schurrle didn’t play today due to a little pain in his back.

Jose says he doesn’t think the other members of his squad that didn’t play today will be affected by this result.

Jose says media reports on this game should be critical of Chelsea’s display but he says they shouldn’t forget to praise Bradford.

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