Scout Report: All You Need to Know About Chelsea Linked Player

The battle for the right wing at Chelsea is getting ferocious day by day. With Willian and Andre Schurrle not living up to the expectations, reinforcement at the right flank is the word at Stamford Bridge and the player who is creating furore among Chelsea fans is Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello.

Cuadrado was heavily linked with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea during the summer transfer window. However, Fiorentina retained him and his deal to any club was stalled. But very strong rumors about his transfer have resurfaced on various tabloids. Sky Sports confirmed that Chelsea are close to a deal for Juan Cuadrado. Let’s analyze how he fits in the Chelsea side.


Cuadrado is a natural right winger. Currently, Schurrle and Willian are occupying the right winger position for Chelsea. Schurrle is originally a left winger and Willian an attacking midfielder, this gives Cuadrado an upper hand over both of them. Cuadrado’s pace is the greatest asset he brings to his game. A quick winger in Premier League is a defender’s nightmare. He matches his agility with some exquisite dribbling skills. His dribbling skills and ball control are to die for.

Hazard on left flank and Cuadrado on the right, would be catastrophic for the full backs. He makes the Fiorentina right flank a fast lane with a sudden burst of pace and acceleration. He can easily occupy the entire right side by playing as a right back and right winger. He can also play as an attacking midfielder, left midfielder and also as a striker. He can act as a linkage between defenders and attackers. Another great asset he brings into the play is his tackling. He has a strong tackling ability and can fall back when needed. In all Juan Cuadrado is an upgrade to Willian.


Cuadrado has two major flaws in his style of play, one being possession play. He cannot hold the ball well, it’s either pass or shoot or sprint. Another major flaw is his aerial duels. Being 5.9 feet tall, Cuadrado usually does not succeed when it comes to winning the aerial duels.

Growth of Cuadrado:

In this section, we will analyze how Cuadrado has matured over the course of the season. According to Squawka, Cuadrado has a total score of 42.02 as compared to last season’s 30.96, which is a staggering increase. Also, his attack score has increased from 25.21 to 26.35. He has around 19 forward passes in every match as compared to 18 passes per game last season.

His assists ratio per game has increased to 0.24 assists from 0.16 last season. Also, he has around 1.88 key passes per game as compared to 1.72 key passes per game. His shot accuracy has improved significantly from 42% to 53%.


A must buy. With such amazing talent in the offering, Chelsea must snap the deal. Cuadrado is basically an upgrade to Willian and Chelsea fans would love to see Cuadrado join the Boys from the Bridge.

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