The ‘Schurrle, Willian and Cuadrado’ conundrum: Why the Blues should buy the Colombian

We heard from Jose Mourinho regarding this matter and he was pretty diplomatic in his reply in stating how satisfied he was with the team and that he does not want any more players for the season. When asked about Cuadrado, he dismissed the rumours saying that the Colombian would not fit in Chelsea and that he was happy with Schurrle whom he considers a regular. He also admitted that if Chelsea get a phenomenal offer for the German and if Schurrle is super keen to accept a new challenge, only then will Chelsea sell the young winger.

Well, Schurrle is definitely loved by the fans and we all know his ability as he endeared himself to us by his goalscoring exploits and his love for the team. The lad is also the first World Cup winning player from Chelsea after a long time and he actually played a very crucial part in Germany’s campaign. There is no doubt about his ability as a goalscorer, but his midfield play has been restrictive in nature. Schurrle is not the player who combines in a passing based system. He is a very direct player and looks to run in behind the defence, take one defender and make just enough space to shoot or cross.

Willian on the other hand has better dribbling ability and slightly more pace of the mark. Willian’s close control, balance, pace and stamina is often used by the manager to get the ball from the midfield and supply the other attackers basically Hazard, Costa or Oscar. Willian’s approach is mixed as he does a lot of passing as well as a bit of directness, but his finishing is not as good as Schurrle as he has very few goals to his name. He doesn’t offer a consistent threat in the attacking third, but the main job he does is work hard in midfield and help out Fabregas, Matic and the attackers with his availability for support and passing, working as an engine.

It is a point to be noted that Willian was not so defensively aware in his previous clubs. Used as a central attacking midfielder or as a left winger so that he can dominate the attacking third with his favoured right foot, he was barely concentrating so hard in deeper midfield areas. But now he has been molded into a typical engine of a midfielder by Jose Mourinho, who uses his athleticism for the team’s benefit. So the usually attack minded Willian works hard for a box to box game and supporting the others rather than making decisive contributions himself. Here is where the difference lies between Cuadrado and Willian. Cuadrado is well adapted defensively as he is capable of playing as a wing back or as a midfielder or winger. He is also blessed with speed, dribbling and finishing.

Cuadrado was always a hardworking player, who puts his 100 percent just like Willian. But his approach is a mixture of that of Andre Schurrle and Willian, because he will work hard on the pitch, but would not shy away from taking defenders on with the objective of scoring a goal. His dribbling style is similar to that of Brazil star Neymar and has shown tendencies of getting fouled often and he also dives on quite a few occasions. While Andre Schurrle has trouble in closed spaces, Juan Cuadrado is clever and tricky. While Willian lacks the final ball or regular goals, Cuadrado gets his fair share of goals and assists as he has a lot of experience as an out and out winger especially playing on the right side with his favoured right foot. His finishing and crossing from the right flank is strong as Cuadrado is comfortable going on the outside of a fullback and beating him for pace.

The transfer may or may not happen in January, but irrespective of what Mourinho says for the time being, Cuadrado is a player who’ll definitely fit in Chelsea’s dominating style of play as he carries the attributes of both Willian and Schurrle. Well, he may not be fully technical in defence like Willian who wins possession a lot of time, or as lethal as Schurrle who has various goal scoring techniques, but a tempting mixture of both who would definitely retain the balance of the squad.

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