Diego Costa: The Solution to Chelsea’s Problems

Last season Chelsea was unable to win the Barclays Premier League, finishing third in the points table, with 4 points behind the Champions Manchester City. Despite the great results obtained when facing traditional strong teams in the league, we did not have an illustrious end to the season.


Many people criticised Chelsea for not having the killer instinct, which have cost us the title last season. Draw with West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City, defeats against Crystal Palace, Stoke City and Aston Villa are few examples where we lacked the ‘killer instinct’ and the opponents were happy to grab points. This clearly demonstrates that, whenever Chelsea sat deep and played defensively, we often failed to find a way through. Many have still not forgotten the game against West Ham United, where we had 39 shots and were yet being held to a disappointing goalless draw.

Unable to score and win against weaker teams is the main reason Chelsea failed to win the Premier League last season. Although our midfielders were brilliant and provided a lot of key passes, our strikers lacked the finishing to convert a potential chance into a goal.

Addressing this issue, Chelsea purchased Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid in the last Summer Transfer Window. Since then, now over half a season, Costa has proved himself to be the perfect solution to Chelsea’s deficiency.

Diego Costa has now featured in 19 of Chelsea’s 22 league games this season. His goal tally is 17, which means he only takes 94 minutes to score another goal on an average. This is far more efficient than any Chelsea strikers last season. More significantly, Diego Costa has taken only 46 shots to score 17 goals, which gives a shot conversion rate of 37%. Besides that, he has a shooting accuracy of 72%. It shows precisely that, Costa is not an over-ambitious and over-confident striker who always opts for wild shots.

With his excellent form and goal-scoring record, Chelsea is now leading the Premier League points table with 52 points. Chelsea is 5 points clear second placed Manchester City, 10 points clear third placed Southampton and 12 points clear Manchester United who sits 4th in the table. Chelsea has been consistently scoring this season with a total of 51 goals in the 22 matches played in the Premier League.

Chelsea can now proudly state that apart from having a brilliant manager, fantastic goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and some outstanding strikers. As long as Diego Costa stays fit, Chelsea will always be a competitive contender for each and every title ahead. After being a Chelsea player for few months, Diego Costa has already proved himself to be worth the money Chelsea invested for him. He has also won the fans’ hearts as they chant “Diego! Diego!” so often this season.

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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