Who Should Be Chelsea’s Next Captain?

John Terry, the name says it all, Captain, Leader and Legend, Chelsea’s most successful captain, with 13 trophies he is one of the most successful captains in the Premier League.

The statement “Leaders are not made, they are born” fits him perfectly, he has always been there for the team, be it going through Jamie Redknapp moments after the former tackled Frank Lampard, or standing up for David Luiz. His personal accolades are uncountable, yet nothing stands out more like his leadership.

But John Terry is now 34 and may last a season more as a Chelsea player, He has captained Chelsea for over 500 matches, a first for any Chelsea captain, but the question is, who should take over as the captain of Chelsea when John Terry is no longer a Chelsea player, John Terry’s appointment as the successor of Desailly was easier than it would be to name John’s successor, for the person who will step into his place will have huge boots to fill.

So what are the options we have for our future captain?

The current vice-captain Petr Cech may not himself be a Chelsea player beyond the summer of 2015, so him being John Terry’s successor is improbable. Branislav Ivanovic, the Serbian captain is already pushing 30 and given John Terry may just have another season in him makes it only hard for the Serb to succeed John as the future captain,
Eden Hazard is our best player, so he should play freely without having the weight of filling John Terry’s boots as the next captain.

We have a very good candidate for our future captain in the form of our summer signing, former Gunner captain Cesc Fabregas. He was named Arsenal’s captain at the age of 21 succeeding William Gallas(a former Chelsea player). Fabregas’ return to London has been so far a romantic affair given how well he has re-settled into the team and how much he has a say on the team’s performance.

He should be the ideal choice to wear the captain’s arm-band after Terry, the fans have accepted Fabregas as our own, it seems he never was a North Londoner.

What do you think who should be our next captain?

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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