Andre Schurrle: Does he deserve a BLUE shirt?

Branded as ‘The cold-blooded finisher’ by his manager Jose Mourinho after his hat-trick against Fulham last season, Andre Schurrle has been on a slight decline in the aftermath of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

From being the super sub of that tournament, he has turned into a rare pick of the manager over a period of 6 months. The question is, can a player of Schurrle’s calibre be judged on the basis of this rough patch? We don’t think so! So here are some reasons why he is worthy of a blue shirt:

Adaptability to the Premier League

Andre Schurrle is one of those players who can cope with the standard of the Premier League and live up to expectations. Despite Mourinho insisting that he needs to adapt more to the style of the league to feature regularly in the first team, the German winger has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his time at Stamford Bridge and can certainly reach the expected level.

A Clinical Finisher

The 24-year-old can seriously hurt the opposition with his finishing; it is that flawless! He might have scored relatively less number of goals during his time in West London, but all those goals have shown that the young German can go on to become one of the top finishers of the beautiful game.

A True ‘Big Game’ Player

Schurrle has always played a vital role in the top games that he has featured in for Chelsea by contributing with goals and assists. His goals against Manchester City in the previous and the current season have earned Chelsea some crucial points. His contribution in Cup ties has also been significant for the German has a knack of scoring decisive goals to finish games off.

Can take up defensive duties

A typical Mourinho team would require its players to be at the top of their defensive game too and Schurrle certainly matches the criteria of a Mourinho-style player. This makes him even more suitable to the present Chelsea side. He might not have the physicality of a defender but can definitely carry out the works of one to some extent.

Statistical Comparison (UEFA Champions League & Premier League)

2013-14 Season

Matches played- 40 (20 substitute appearances)
Goals scored- 9
Assists- 2
Shots per game- 1.75
Pass success %- 82.8%
Aerial duels won per game- 0.7
Man of the match- 4
Average Rating- 6.87
Yellow cards- 2

2014-15 season (so far)

Matches played- 18 (10 substitute appearances)
Goals- 4
Assists- 0
Shots per game- 1.9
Pass success %- 84%
Aerial duels won per game- 0.95
Man of the match- 0
Average Rating- 6.76
Yellow cards- 2

With a little over half of the season done, Andre Schurrle is almost at the same level as the last season with slightly better stats. Given the lack of game time, his goals and assists are not up to the mark this season. But, if given more chances, he can certainly improve on those stats. All in all, the German international has great potential to evolve into a better player and become more worthy of the Blue shirt.

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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