High’s and Low’s of Premier League Game Week 12

Okay, let me just say, maybe this is not the best season to be a Chelsea fan. The extent to which we have made this Premier League season boring is just not acceptable.

Every game there is a Fabregas assist, a Costa goal and either Hazard or Oscar scoring one or more. Then there is Matic bossing the midfield like it’s nobody’s business and Azpi and Iva popping up with crosses and assists just to remind the opposition that Chelsea are not playing with five men.

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I really wish I could somehow like that obnoxious red team from Manchester or the perpetual 4th place dwellers (Wait, what? No. Surely, not this season?). I mean look at the battle for the fourth place. It’s almost like they are fighting the relegation battle – no matter how bad you do, your rival team will do worse. Case in point, Liverpool. 6 losses from 12 games and still just 5 points off the CL spot. And look at us. 32 points. BORING, BORING CHELSEA!!! Mourinho, you criminal!

Anyhow, dear readers. Apologies for my absence for the last couple of weeks. I am back with this week’s talking points and I will make an exception this time around by beginning with a club other than Chelsea. (I mean, how many times do you want me to say that Costa is a beast? – “I go to battle. You come with me.”)

1. #WengerIn: Never mind the results and never mind the urgency of replying to a goal. Let us all clap for Mr. Wenger. “80% domination” is all what football is about because clearly the 80:20 rule does not exist in the hallowed chambers of Le Professeur. After all, it’s the same philosophy which has helped a mid-table club overachieve for ten great seasons. Not just overachieve but also out-do Southampton in supplying great footballers to the rest of the world. To paraphrase McConaughey from Interstellar, “Great footballers were born in Arsenal. They were never meant to win there”. And for that, let us shout in unison – #WengerIn. (In Mourinho’s pocket! :P)

2. LvG Is Bringing Back the Mentality (Maybe Not the Style!): That Man Utd’s play has been pathetic this season, is no secret. But they still are 4th. That has to be down to LvG. He has brought a steely mentality in this team which reminds me a little of Mourinho in his early days at Chelsea. Of course, the circumstances were completely different (We were winning!), but credit where its due, Man Utd deserved to win against Arsenal and that’s down to their coach. But despite the mentality that has come around lately, you don’t see the style of previous Man Utd teams. It may take some time, but once the lower half of the Premier League gets used to what LvG is doing, the lack of style can result in them having a tough second half of the season.

3. Rodgers has Disappointed: My prediction before the beginning of the season was Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd as the top 4. Southampton has clearly thrown the whole of that equation off but for Liverpool to be 10 points off the third position at this stage with Man Utd pulling clear so fast should just not be acceptable. I really thought Rodgers would do a better job that AVB at Tottenham, but I was wrong. Having been Mourinho protégé, I expected bigger things and better management from Rodgers but he too, like AVB, has disappointed.

I’d probably limit myself to just three talking points in anticipation of what normally is the most thrilling phase of the season. With games coming thick and fast, December is to be enjoyed. But this is no normal season. The beast is going to battle this season. And the Special One has all the plans to bore me. I just feel it. But hey, let’s watch Arsenal cry, Man Utd go up and down, Liverpool lose and City compete with Southampton. Such fun, right? Thank God, there’s Champions League.

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