Schalke 04 vs Chelsea (0-5) : Man of the Match

“I’m very pleased. It was a very impressive performance and the team is very confident. I said before the game that we were not interested in mathematics or just securing a point. We showed this from the first minute and had a chance right away. We were very compact, very solid in defence – I don’t remember Thibaut Courtois making a save. We put in a fantastic performance.” – Jose Mourinho [SOURCE: THE INDEPENDENT]

It was a European night to remember for Chelsea as they trampled on a disheartening Schalke 04 side at the Veltins-Arena. Captain JT (2′), Willian (29′), Kirchhoff (OG 44′), King Drogba (76′) and Ramires (78′) all got their names on the scoresheet, as they thrashed the German club 5-0, and exhibited a classy performance throughout the match.

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There was, however, one Chelsea player who played one of the best games of his life in a blue shirt. That guy is the young Brazilian, Willian.



Brazilians are known for being extremely proactive when it comes to movement, passing and taking quick shots in and around the box. One can truly classify Willian as a true Brazilian in this aspect, for he is lightning fast in being able to displace himself forward in counterattacking situations in particular. Willian made some critical runs last night which enabled the rest of his team to keep up with his pace, which in turn helped in building up really fast counterattacks that innumerably caught Schalke off guard.


Willian explodes into action by making clever runs that outfoxes the opponents with ease. His nightmarish runs last night caused the Schalke defense to flinch and cringe before The Blues. In addition, he also played a huge part in the 1-2 passes among himself, Fabregas and Eden Hazard, before being propelled through to finish with a simple sidefooted shot that went underneath the Schalke keeper. The explosive attribute of the 26-year-old played a key role in the emphatic victory.


We all know that Mourinho expects his Chelsea players to work very hard in offense and defense. Willian, like every other Blue player is a hard worker. Whether it is to tear apart the opposition half with his enigmatic pace and stepovers, or to run all the way back and assist his fellow fullbacks in man-marking the opposing attackers, Willian runs tirelessly about the football pitch. He shows an attribute similar to that of Ramires. Yes, it seems as though it is a common quality among Brazilians. Willian lived up to Mourinho’s expectations last night, and was surely the most energetic player on the field.


Chelsea had been aggressive from the first minute, and the 26-year-old Brazilian was at his most zestful. His power-packed performance was a treat to watch for the Chelsea fans. Chelsea meant business last night, and Willian was the truest representation of their hunger and desire for mastering the most attacking football we have gotten to see from The Blues so far this season.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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  1. Willian was on fire and dominate all the field with his skills, stopovers, passes , etc……
    But all appreciation to the all team. Well done CHELSEA FC.

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