When the Blue Flag was Hoisted in Liverpool [POEM]

When the Blue Flag was Hoisted in Liverpool

The chips were down,
in the high time tide,
as the Blues were,
off to the Merseyside.

With the season
slowly passing by,
the game was crucial,
the stakes were high.

The Blues cost them
the title last time around
after an enthralling display
on this very ground.

A fixture which the Reds
certainly wanted to avenge
as they finally had theirs
chance to seek revenge.

Heroes of the country
were first remembered
for the sake of their country
to death who had surrendered.

Their sacrifice was mourned
by the entire crowd
and they were celebrated
remembered and cheered aloud.

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The adrenaline pumped
through every heart
as the referee blew
for the match to start.

From the start, it was vicious,
intense with rage,
the events to follow
would certainly amaze.

The hosts went into the
fixture with no fear,
right from the start,
their plan was clear.

They looked threatening
right from the start,
but the blues were efficient,
tricky and smart.

But unluckily a ball
pierced the tight blue shield,
and this very goal lit up
the whole Anfield.

The stadium had turned
upside down
as “ynwa” chants were
all around the ground.

But the Blues had not
given up at all
as the giant netted
in the ball.

The Blues responded
in an emphatic way
as they eclipsed all possibilities of
the famous Reds redemption day.

A quarter of the game
was nearly done
as both teams were
tied one to one.

The blues after scoring
were all out on the attack,
it was just the finishing
that they seemed to lack.

Chances went begging
all the time through
as we wasted ample chances
to double our tally to two.

The blues dominated
the entire game.
The referee blew
as the half came.

The Special One certainly
had a lot to say
as we could not afford this
to slip away.

After the restart Blues
raised their game
in the midfield hosts
looked completely lame.

Then came the moment
of the day alas!
As clever Dave latched on
to a beautifully poised pass.

He gave their defenders
absolutely no clue
as he went on
piercing through.

His cross was deflected
and the beast was fed.
He thumped in the ball
and the Blues led.

His finish couldn’t have
been any more cleaner
as he surely had clinched
home the winner.

The Blues kept threatening
even after that
as they dominated
every match stat.

The hosts in red
started chasing the game
as the crowd at Anfield
kept singing their name.

But there was no late
equaliser-fairy-tale this time
as no Blues player
committed any crime.

They couldn’t manage
anything more,
although changes were made
in attempts to score.

But nothing could come
to their aid
as the “red” at Anfield
started to fade.

The referee blew for
another Blues win,
The special one looked happy
although he did not grin.

The result left the
whole Anfield stunned,
as they Blues kept
intact their invincible run.

Our love for you
forever will be true.
We play carefree
and our colours are blue.

~ Chelsea for life

Edited By: Abhay Shenoy & Ankur Bhatt

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  1. We’ll thought,poise excurcution I’m in South Africa and my aunt is a poet at the university of the western cape,I grew up in poetry.but my blood stay True Blue.Chelsea For Live.

  2. Wow, that’s a nice piece of art work there. I must confess that u did very well. Thumbs up to u dude and keep the flag flying. Chelsea till i die.

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