Mourinho “We don’t want Marco Reus”

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has revealed his thought on the rumour
linking Marco Reus to Chelsea.

Mourinhoe said: “Chelsea is not interested in landing the Germany international to the bridge.” Although, According to reports in the past weeks, Chelsea were favourite to sign the Dortmund star ahead of England rivals Man city and Arsenal.

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Mourinho was blunt when asked of any potential interest in the attacker, as he said on Monday:

“We don’t want Marco Reus. The market is closed and the player belongs to Borussia. We have top players in this position. We are not interested, not at all.”

Marco Reus is currently in a dire straits after suffering an ankle injury during the weekend which ruled him out till January 2015. The main problem Marco Reus has faced since the beginning of his career is getting over injuries and he has unmanaged to do that.

We are going to discuss what Reus can bring if he joins Chelsea & few reasons why he should not join Chelsea.

Four Reasons why Chelsea need Marco Reus:

1. Marco reus will be a good signing if he fits into the midfield and
engage well with Hazard, Oscar and Willian.
2. The German has high penetrating power and sharp dazzling, beautiful skills and he builds up counter-attacks as fast as he can.
3. He’s a potential world class player: He has the ability to compete with Hazard, Willian and the like despite in German league. Playing in
the EPL (Chelsea) will boost his fame and however firing him into the
top ten players in the World.
4. Formidable team: Chelsea will be a team that cause fear to opponent before, during and after the match. Opponents will lose their
confidence due to fear and lack of courage

Three Reasons why Chelsea don’t need Marco Reus:

1. Injury-prone: He’s one of the players that jumps into tackle and
ends up getting a long term injury. Sometimes, EPL games might be
rough or a battlefield where opponent gets frustrated easily.
2. Departure of youngsters: If Reus join Chelsea, young players like
Atsu, Victor Moses[On Loan], and Salah could be preparing to leave
due to less playing time and fear for their ambition, Hereby affecting
the future of the Club.
3. Rotation: Players[Schurrle, Willian, Oscar] could end up on bench
in an important match. Imagine this: Three players are needed in the
midfield and about six players are available.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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  1. the likes of andre, oscar and willian ,mourinho should make stars out of them .chelsea is complete if the is additional its tasilics , carvalloh and some one

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