Lampard’s Departure Been Technically Good for Chelsea

I admit that the very idea of writing this article gave me nightmares, for I knew that many fans would wish me dead, just after reading the title itself. But believe my words, I cried a bucket after I got to know about the Super Frank’s departure, and nothing in the world felt more painful than seeing him play in a Manchester City shirt against Chelsea.

But there’s a difference between being ‘emotional’ and being ‘technical’. As far as emotions are concerned, Chelsea fans had to bid farewell to Lampard with heavy hearts and filled eyes. But if we talk about the on-field play and technical changes, we have had one of the best seasons in the history of our club.

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One good thing that his departure has done is a pave way for the Costa-Fabregas partnership. As soon as the Englishman’s move away from the Blues was confirmed, there was an inevitable search of a replacement for him. And that came in the form of none other than Cesc Fabregas. The Spanish midfielder has added to the quality of Chelsea’s attack, and as for the Mourinho’s attacking and creative strategy, he fits far better in the squad than Lampard.

While Lampard was often seen in a more defensive role, Fabregas has the ability to create chances when building from the back, with the prolific Nemanja Matic ever-present to attend to defensive duties along with the back four in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Lampard had always been known for his long range shots which, although provided crucial goals at many times, have been a rare part of Chelsea’s game this season. Fabregas, in contrast, is involved in creating chances or long passes into the penalty box, where the rest of the job is done by Hazard, Oscar, or Costa.

We do not intend to compare Fabregas with the legendary Frank Lampard, or say that Fabregas is better. But it is evident that the ex-Barcelona man is better suited to Mourinho’s game plan for this season and that his arrival has been a crucial factor behind the Blues adopting a different formation. And this is probably one of the best formations and style of play used by Chelsea in their whole history, considering the fact that Blues are unbeaten till now and sit on top of Premier League, 4 points ahead of 2nd placed Southampton. If we talk about 10 years before now, when Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea won the league with 95 points, it is obvious that Chelsea couldn’t have had a better midfielder than Lampard. But at present, it was best to keep him out of the club and avoid the dilemma of whom to play between him and Fabregas.

Let us imagine if he had been still at Chelsea, then two outcomes were possible. First, there would be no signing of Fabregas and Lampard would have started almost every game as a defensive midfielder but would have failed to satisfy Jose. Secondly, there would be a signing of Fabregas but then Lampard would have been restricted to a substituted role or not even that at times. Either way, it would have been the waste of his ability, disrespect to the legend, and unwanted tension in the dressing room. And I don’t think that his playing for Manchester City has created a problem for us in the league, except for his late equalizer in the 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Man City. Even then, Chelsea are 8 points ahead of the defending champions, who are currently in 3rd place.

All the above-mentioned points make us realize that the transfer of the legendary Frank Lampard has many positives to be derived from. With no disrespect to Super Frank, each one of us must realize that no player is bigger than the club. And if his move away from the Bridge has been beneficial to the club, then it was the right decision to make. But one thing is for sure, he will always be a part of Chelsea Football Club and the doors of the club are always open for him. Long live Frank Lampard!

The opinions and views in this article are completely our own and our readers can feel free to comment what they think about this as all of you are entitled to your opinion.

Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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