Excerpts of Jose Mourinho’s Latest Press Conference Before QPR Game

The Blues will be looking to continue their fantastic run of form in the Premier League and should be aiming for nothing less than a win in their home game today against Queens Park Rangers who are currently placed 19th in the points table.

QPR will be aiming at least for a point at present, with only two wins out of nine games played. Chelsea will look forward to taking advantage of the same, with the expectant return of top goalscorer Diego Costa, who had to deal with a hamstring injury for the last couple of weeks.

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The press conference was held earlier yesterday, and The Blues’ gaffer got together with the fans and the media for a 10-minute Q&A session. Here is covering the discussion, and viewing Jose Mourinho’s thoughts and expressions on paper; ahead of the upcoming fixtures in the following week:


Q) Can you tell us about some fitness updates?

A) Mikel will not be available, and Loic Remy as you may have guessed is still recovering.

Q) So, what about Diego?

A) Yes, he is available.

Q) Obviously, that’s great news?

A) Yes, it’s good for us. Having only one striker for the last couple of fixtures was tough, and now that two of them are available, obviously the situation is improved. The fact that we don’t have Mikel is not good for us, since he is always an option, but the fact that we recovered Ramires is a compensation for that loss. So the situation is a bit better.


Q) Obviously, you would have heard about the comments being made by the Spanish coach about Costa being stubborn when it comes to club versus country. How do you choose to react?

A) I have nothing to say, really. Everything I can say is what everybody already knows – which is that the time he was having problems in Chelsea and the way we managed to keep him playing; and after his national team game we lost him for four matches: Crystal Palace, Maribor, Manchester United and Shrewsbury Town: four matches in three different competitions. Now he is re-available, but he needs to obviously be under special care. And we are going to do that. It’s the only thing we can do; nothing else.

Q) We know how supportive you are of the players that get called for their national team, but what’s your call when Costa gets called for Spain next?

A) I am supportive of the players playing for their country when the players are in conditions to do so, and when the players in the national team follow the same kind of problems to recover from. However, I am nobody to stand in the way of national teams.

Q) So there is no chance of you not letting him leave next time?

A) I cannot stop him if he gets called. The situation is out of hand.


Q) About Didier Drogba, it raised a few eyebrows when you decided to bring him back to the club. But you have obviously been proven right so far?

A) We have altogether made the decision of bringing him back; the owner, the board, myself and him; all of us together. I think that for such a legend in this club, it is a difficult decision to make, and we took it together. We believe in him, and he believes in himself. He should have the conditions to be considered important, which he has always been in this club. To be considered important, you don’t need at the age of 36, to play 90 minutes for say, 50 matches. To be important, you need to be there when the team needs you to be there. And obviously he was fantastic for us in the last week when we were in real trouble; without Diego and Remy. He did something that nobody should do, which is to play 90 more minutes at a gap of a mere 48 hours. And he managed to do that in an absolutely fantastic way.

Q) He obviously came back here as backup, but it’s difficult to keep it that way.

A) Fantastic problem for me(!) And the perfect problem would be when Remy is back; to have all three. Because when we made that group of three in the beginning of the season, we think we did well. Three levels of investment, three levels of expectations, three levels of contributions, three levels of different qualities as a striker. And the team is obviously very happy with that because we have very good forwards in our squad.


Loic Remy will be available after the international break.

“I know what to expect from QPR and I can say it will be a tough game for us.”
“It’s the first time I play against QPR. London is a special place because of the number of derbies, which makes it unique.”

That’s all from the Chelsea boss for now. Hoping to have a great week ahead of us! KTBFFH!

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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