Chelsea vs West Brom (2-0): Man Of The Match Analysis

Chelsea recorded a 2-0 home win against a no-nonsensically defensive West Bromwich Albion side last evening.

A game where The Blues could have come off 4-0, 5-0, or even 6-0 if it wasn’t for fantastic goalkeeping by Ben Foster, it had arguably been the most beautiful footballing play from Chelsea in the first 45 minutes.

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They were reckless; they were dominating and they were fluid in the best sense of those terms and also in every other flattering footballing adjective that may come to mind. However, there was one man without whom their game would not have been near as fluid as it was. That player is none other than Cesc Fabregas.

Here is analysing his game, and why he was the best player on the pitch:


Although Cesc Fabregas sees so many options in his position to extend The Blues’ midfield play and provide for a greater build-up in attack, he always chooses to go with the best possible option; the best pass possible. Be it to try and assist a maneuvering Diego Costa through the middle just 10 yards in front of goal, or place the ball gingerly at Hazard’s left foot in the attacking wide position; Cesc always pulls off the best of passes whenever required.

The Spaniard’s accomplishments were so pronounced last evening that it made us realize why he is a true visionary in midfield, for he always seemed to succeed in developing and expanding Chelsea’s game in the heart of midfield.


Despite the fact that Fabregas is lined-up alongside Matic in the defensive midfield position, this is true only on paper. For the Spaniard is always in transition with Oscar and swaps his position into a more attacking area of the pitch. And this is carried out in such a way that both players thrive in their change in respective positions equally well. As always, this aspect of Chelsea’s game was seen and appreciated last evening.


Cesc Fabregas is well-known for his ball-possessing trait. To provide the best of passes is a factor that often leads to dispossession of the ball. But Fabregas is so well-versed in keeping the ball when needed, and then looking for the ‘killer’ pass to catch the opposition off guard. Furthermore, the through passes and long balls are crafted by the 27-year-old with such accuracy that they rarely go awry. This aspect of the Spaniard’s game was also prominent against West Brom.


All the above factors were enough for us to look at Cesc as the best Chelsea player on the field, despite the fact that Hazard too was at his dribbling best and Oscar had an almost equally influential and competitive contribution. Who did you think was the best player for The Blues? Let us know in the comments below!

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Edited By: Ojas Tripathi

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