Chelsea vs QPR: GHJB’s Best Chelsea Player Analysis

Chelsea FC notched up a 2-1 home win against an utterly defensive-minded Queens Park Rangers side; which turned out to be the first not-so-appealing performance by The Blues in the manager’s eyes this season.

Every Chelsea supporter knows how difficult it is for their team to give standout performances in the month of November; due to all the weariness and injuries from the international games and the Champions League group-stage fixtures nearly once every midweek and due to the inglorious ‘November Curse.’ Not to mention the FA Cup and the Capital One Cup to advance from; managing to sustain a strong and injury-less squad all along the way.

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Considering all the above factors, the 2-1 home win against QPR has to be looked at as a satisfying result, if not for a good, solid performance throughout the game in terms of ruling QPR out in possession and grabbing the all-important 3 points in from the Derby encounter.

There was, however, one player who stepped up in the game. One player who always manages to step up and give The Blues a goal in much-needed circumstances. That man, surprise, had yet again been Eden Hazard.

Here is analysing his performance in the game, and why he deserved to be GHJB’s best Chelsea player on the pitch.


Eden Hazard had been observed to be making lots of key passes in the game, be it from a wide position, or through the middle for laying out Oscar or Diego Costa in the clear. This was supported by a number of key dribbles and touches of class that we only get to see from the world’s best playmakers.

Hazard had obviously been making these dribbles to get away from the nosy QPR defenders around the half-line area, and not to flaunt his talent like he did for most part of his game against Maribor last week. All his key passes were either pushed out for corner or created space for our attacking players to take advantage of.


The Belgian’s first touches are always known to be impeccable, especially in the most difficult and pressure-bound situations. And against QPR, it was no different. Eden Hazard’s presence on the pitch in any area of the field had always been felt and deemed prominent by the Chelsea players in his vicinity.

Because this man can receive the ball in any kind of a situation, and either get it completely to safety with his back heel touches and quick turns in the direction of Chelsea’s defensive back-line or drive it forward with an immaculate sense of dribbling without losing the ball; and then pass it in the most dangerous of positions. And all this would not be possible if it wasn’t for his perfect first touch every time.


Eden Hazard has been THE guy when it comes to taking penalties for The Blues, ever since the Super Frankie has left us. And does he prove to be one of the world’s best players in that aspect of the game as well? Wholly, truly and most definitely yes. The man does not even feel the need to look at the ball while making his run-up before taking the shot.

He observes and analyses the goalkeeper’s body language and carefully judges as to which direction he thinks the keeper is going to dive in; and a fraction of a second after he notices the keeper dive to one direction, he reflexively (and instinctively of course) slots the ball into the back of the net, in the other direction. This is truly a masterful skill to proclaim for any footballer in the world, and Eden Hazard truly sets an example when it comes to keeping focus while taking a penalty. The penalty that was landed in by him against QPR eventually proved to be the match-winner for The Blues.


All these reasons were enough for Hazard to be worthy of being the best player on the field for The Blues in the match, although Oscar came really close to bag the title. Oscar may have bagged the Man of the Match award, but we felt that Eden Hazard deserved it even more, simply because of his all-round performance at Bridge against QPR. All-in-all, a solid performance by The Blues. Hoping for a great week ahead. KTBFFH.

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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