Courtois indeed being honest and realistic

It has been an elating season for Chelsea supporters so far; for they have got to see their team in a whole new light on the pitch. Chelsea have indeed been playing football up to a level that the world expects from champions.

However, a new word of opinion/criticism has emerged from the Chelsea team, with the young Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois stating bluntly, that The Blues do not yet have the comfort of saying and believing that they have the Premier League title safe and secure; despite the poor form of fellow rivals Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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“We are working game by game, but we don’t have the title in the bag.”

“The Premier League is very difficult and hard. We are trying to win with every game that is possible.”

“But there will be a still a long way to win the title. We are working hard. And hopefully that will be enough.”

He added: “I am as vocal at Chelsea, but there are also other guys who can say something. John Terry or Didier Drogba, they have experience and leadership. I just say it as I thought that we should be better.” – [Source: Express]

Courtois indeed being honest and realistic in stating his case because Chelsea do have a long way to go before practically clinching the EPL Title this season.

But, however, there are two ways to look at The Blues’ current situation.


Chelsea have had a dream start to the current EPL season, with only four points lost from eleven games. What’s been going right for us, is the fact that we are performing so well (individually and as a team) and are getting the results to show for it. What’s even more appealing, is that the accursed month of November has also been going in our favour.

Chelsea are red-hot favourites to go all the way and win the title, and who’s to argue? If they continue playing this way, who’s to say the title won’t go their way?


Courtois is right, simply because The Blues have around 27 more matches to play their way through in the Premier League alone, and with the Champions League, Capital One Cup and the FA Cup games in midweek/weekend nearly every week.

Chelsea also have eight games to play in all competitions in the month of December alone. Now, to get through all these fixtures injury-free, and to maintain a steady form is what will be a truly challenging task for the players.

And besides, one simply cannot predict the title of the most competitive league in the world, with only 11 fixtures played. As the season progresses, weariness sinks in and the star performers will not be fit at all times. Chelsea have lot of match-winning players, and their fitness is the key to success. Maintaining a steady balance between the reserves’ players and the first team will be a tough task with the increasing number of matches and the decrease in the number of days between each game. Nobody is jinxing anything, but that is the harsh reality of a world-class club.

Jose Mourinho keeps reminding us time and time again, that going unbeaten for an entire season is a highly unlikely task. But he also states that when Chelsea go into the match, they go to win. And Jose coaches and guides them to pull off nothing less than one. This is probably why the hunger, the want for the ball is seen in Chelsea’s game-style this season. But the practicality is that we do have a lot of factors to consider, and we must not count our chickens before they hatch.

For now, all we can look forward to from the boys in blue, is to continue their winning ways and maintain their form for the rest of the season. Although this is much easier said than done.

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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