Cesc Fabregas : The Midfield Maestro

How Cesc Fabregas, the heartbeat of Chelsea has quickly made his way into the hearts of all the Chelsea fans!

He has come into the side and hit the ground running, racking up 9 assists and 1 goal in 11 games which is a phenomenal return. He has become indispensable to the team and his partnership with Matic is one of the best in the premier league.

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Cesc Fabregas is a phenomenally talented and gifted player. His spells for Arsenal and Barcelona were extremely successful, but his spell at Chelsea is unlike his other spells. We are seeing a different dimension to Cesc’s play and Mourinho has played a huge role in this development in such a short time.

This is what Neil Warnock had to say about Fabregas’ development:

“Fabregas was a great player at Arsenal but I think he’s matured since. He’s so much more decisive now, there’s an end product to his game whereas at Arsenal I didn’t think there was as much. He’s almost got the complete midfielder’s package now.”

Neil Warnock hit the nail right on the head with his last statement. Cesc Fabregas has become the complete midfielder package which is the biggest improvement that Mourinho has brought about. Having a look at his performance over the last few games will help us understand his role better. He’s undoubtedly “The Midfield Maestro”.


Distribution of Ball

We all know that Cesc Fabregas has one of the best eye for a teammate’s run in the premier league. His beautiful chip pass to Andre Schurrle earlier in the season is the perfect example for this. In addition to his exemplary vision, Cesc Fabregas brilliantly distributes the ball. Having played possession based soccer at Arsenal, as well as Barcelona, he is a real master of moving the ball around till he finds that one pass to unlock the defense.

Passing Skill

Cesc Fabregas is brilliant on the ball as well as off the ball. He possesses phenomenal tact of landing the ball at his teammate’s feet. In addition to this, he is able to initiate counter attacks from deep within our own half. This has brought about a different dimension of play to our game from last season. In most of the games, we have around 400-500 passes, and Fabregas usually accounts for 20% of them. This is a very significant number and shows us how much he controls our game from the center of the park.

Corners and Defensive Duties

After the departure of Super Frank, we needed someone to step up and show their skill while taking corners. Cesc Fabregas has done just that and while his corners aren’t yet up to the level of Frank, he is improving over time. He created 3 chances from corners in the Maribor game which we drew. While his corners aren’t perfect yet, his expertise in set pieces as benefitted Chelsea.

Cesc Fabregas is the type of player who would put in his shift at the back as well. In each game he tracks back and takes attackers on and wins the ball. This helps a lot in maintaining the shape of the team while attacking and defending which Mourinho insists on.

As we saw, Cesc Fabregas has evolved into the complete midfielder package. He is brilliant going forward and equally adept in defending. These qualities really help out Matic too, as he can ease the pressure on the midfield when the opponents are pressurizing. In summary, Fabregas is the definition of a Mourinho player and has helped Chelsea improve by leaps and bounds.

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Edited By: Shashank Rai

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  1. Cesc is a great player. He is much more developed. I think Mourinho was right when he said barcelona used him in out of position usually false 9 or winger. But you said he is not that perfect in taking corner, I don’t agree with that. He delivers corner very well. You can see he does not directly put the ball into keepers hands and has assisted in 4 corners, one set piece and an own goal. That’s what we lacked last season because Frank was not a regular in starting eleven. But he is as effective as Frank in taking corners.

  2. What I meant was that there is a huge scope for improvement, while Cesc has created some chances from the corners, they haven’t been consistent. Every player improves with time and I am sure Cesc is only going to get better 🙂

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