Chelsea are the Best Team admits Wenger

In a candid pre-match interview before his match with Jose Mourinho’s men, Chelsea are the Best Team admits Wenger in English Premier League this season and are the hottest favourites above everyone, Arsenal included.

His teams might have failed to show true class when playing against any of the top four teams but Arsene Wenger knows that his teams are no match to the marauding and all conquering Chelsea side that have already scored 17 times in the Premier League this season. Wenger was quick to appreciate Diego Costa for his goal scoring abilities and adaptation to the new League and now comes the acceptance for Chelsea’s superiority over his team.

This is what Gunner’s boss of 18 years had to say about Mourinho’s men:

“Today we can say Chelsea are the title favourites, I agree,”

“They had the perfect start, they scored lot so they deserve to be the favourites now, but every team runs into a problem at some stage in the season.”

It seems he is so well known with the fact that teams run into problems. Maybe its because of their no-show against the best in the League. Galatasaray are not the best if he didn’t know it already!

Chelsea are the Best Team admits Wenger.He went on to illustrate further about whether or not Mourinho haunts him post the defeats he yields to the Portuguese:

“Honestly, I do not think about whether I have beaten him before,” he said. “When I go home I don’t think about the other manager, I think about not winning the game and what I could have done better.

“This is a very important game for me and my club. It has nothing to do with the other manager. I want to win the game. That is all I care about.

Besides he is well aware of the threat posed by the Chelsea midfield, hopefully he will have a plan for the game besides the knowledge

“It is more a focus on defending as a team when you don’t have the ball and finding balance of restricting your opponent and expressing your own football.”


Finally on Diego Costa:

“Honestly when you see Costa play, it’s not obvious he has a problem,” added Wenger. “He has [had] a problem with his hamstring for a long time because in the Champions League final [in May] he had that problem. When you see him this season, it’s difficult to imagine he has a problem.”


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