‘Second Striker’ – Remy or Drogba?

The second coming of Chelsea legend Didier Drogba had been one of the highlights of The Blues’ summer transfer season and not only Chelsea fans, but even the management was excited for his second innings.

On Jose Mourinho’s reaffirmation, our 21-man squad must be containing three strikers and our search for a second alternative deployment in the forward position began, which led to the acquiring of the French International Loic Remy. Now with the emergence of two alternatives for our main striker Diego Costa, Mourinho should make a decision as to whom he must choose as the primary replacement for the Spaniard, if Costa takes an injury, or is weary off previous encounters and needs a break. The major talking point remains who will be the ‘Second Striker’ – Remy or Drogba?


Every Chelsea fan knows the amount of contribution Didier made to The Blues’ side, ever since the man joined the club in 2004 and till he scored the last penalty which won us the UEFA Champions League on May 19, 2014 for the first time in our Club’s history. Unfortunately, the game does not run on history and facts, but on performances and work rate of the current squad. And the fact is, the Ivory Coast star is now 36 years old and does not possess much of the swiftness and skill that he used to, during his previous spell at Chelsea.

But one thing that he does still have, is an experience. And the experience can sail you through the toughest of fixtures and make you stand above the rest ten players of the squad. Didier Drogba’s experience can get us through the difficult fixtures in the Champions League; Mourinho needs no telling. The kind of reception Drogba receives at the Bridge in his second spell, is a proof that we are simply glad to see him among a young and prospective Chelsea squad; and should Mourinho pick him to be the centre forward at any moment in any game, The Blues fans will simply be contended to see the 36-year-old play for Chelsea, provided he exhibits some extra ordinary stuff to the fans.


With 14 goals to his name while playing for Newcastle United in the last Premier League season, Loic Remy is quickly getting adapted to the progressiveness in the Chelsea squad as well. The 27-year-old is no stranger when it comes to stepping up for his team in difficult situations and convert the opportunities into goals, because he had been doing just that for Newcastle last season. Having scored a great debut goal against Swansea, Remy has made three appearances so far for Chelsea and his performance have been satisfactory in those chances. His quirkiness and fast paced style of play help Chelsea move fast in attack especially on the counter.

So, when the time comes for him to make his next appearance, he will surely prove to be an apt replacement for Diego Costa and live up to our hopes and most importantly score goals.


Both players have the capacity to perform and score for the team, but under different circumstances. For example, the strong legs of Drogba can be put to use, and he can be expected to knock the ball into the back of the net while playing an important Champions League fixture, possibly when Costa is not fit to play, or is booked for some inevitable fouls.

Whereas the smooth maneuvering and the short and quick passing skills that Remy possesses can be of use while playing a small team in the Premier League or any other division matches, when Costa sits out and rests for the future games.

Hence, it is fair to say that both Remy and Drogba play an important part of the Chelsea substitute line-up, and can be expected to step up under different circumstances. All in all, Mourinho respects both players and their respective styles of play, and should not specifically feel the need to pick out a ‘second striker’, since both forwards will get their own playing time (and goals) when Chelsea need them as an alternative for Diego Costa. All we can do is support our players, club and management through their ups and downs and wish for a brighter future to every player.

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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