Sami Khedira For Petr Cech: Why This Swap Move Looks Uncertain

During this time of the year, as usual, rumours have started coming in that start emerging during when a pattern is identified in the teams and the leagues.

Players are supposedly unsettled or want a move, and new statements and news dominate the media and then there are some rumours that are worth pondering upon. As some top tabloids reported about the possibility of Chelsea foiling Arsenal’s plans of getting Khedira by using Cech as a bait, it largely looks a like a cold rumour. How could Chelsea possibly sell one of the world’s best goalkeepers, despite him being second choice, to acquire a holding midfielder when there are enough players to play in that position?

Real Madrid and the Iker Casillas issue

‘Saint’ Iker, as he is fondly known, is a Real Madrid legend and is the current captain. He has won everything there which can be won in European football as well as world football. However, few injuries and confidence drop has resulted in him being an expendable member of both his club and country. Jose Mourinho first dropped him from the starting line-up and then Carlo Ancelotti followed suit. His form has been dreadful as fans painfully watched him commit clangers, one after the other.

Petr Cech is a goalkeeper who won the Golden Glove last season in the Premier League and yet, got replaced by a keeper who won the La Liga’s Golden Glove in a highly competitive goalkeeping department of Chelsea.

Thibaut Courtois, currently Chelsea’s first choice goalkeeper, has the advantage of age on his side as he is a decade younger than Cech and is as good as him if not slightly better. But Cech, at age 32 is a very experienced goalkeeper and has also won it all at club level.

But will Petr Cech fit in Real Madrid where they already have a top goalkeeper in Keylor Navas and high profile under-fire superstar Casillas, while Cech himself is a world renowned superstar goalkeeper? Most definitely, based on the form, Casillas would be relegated to the third choice goalkeeper or would be sold by the club, but will Real do that to their legendary captain, remains a question.

What will Khedira do in Chelsea?

Sami Khedira is a defensive midfielder with good passing technique and strength. He works well and can contribute very well in offensive moves as well as carrying out his defensive duties. He is a very sound footballer in terms of performance.

Khedira is the one who fits the Mourinho-type player profile, and also is a pretty quiet player as he generally isn’t very spectacular. But then the current pivot midfielders in Chelsea are all the ones whom Mourinho loves working with. There is the tireless, tough-tackling midfielder Ramires, the complete defensive midfielder Matic, the ideal playmaker Fabregas and the best team-player Mikel.

Adding Khedira to this list will increase a lot of competition for the position as well as the number of foreign players in the team. Unless Mikel or Ramires are sold, there is no way Khedira would fit into the squad. And it doesn’t look like happening any time soon, as Ramires is one of his kind with the explosive pace and stamina along with versatility in midfield, while Mikel fits in the profile of a satisfied and mature team player as there are absolutely no news regarding Mikel being unhappy about being a squad-rotation player.


The swap doesn’t make much sense from Chelsea’s perspective, as a goalkeeper of the quality of Cech could do wonders for Real Madrid, but Khedira, despite him being a good player, won’t add any value to the quality we already have in Chelsea. Probably, he can replace Mikel, but Sami would not prefer warming bench while in Chelsea. Plus Mikel has a very specific role in the team’s game play which he has mastered over the years.

But, despite all the rumours and facts for the time being, crazy things can happen in January. Real Madrid may do the unthinkable and sell off Casillas and get Cech, and Mourinho, our tactical genius, would replace Mikel with Khedira and still get a great balance and tactic in the game!

Getting Khedira would also mean getting one over rival Arsenal and its manager Arsene Wenger, who has suffered such defeats at the hands of the Special One. Fingers crossed for January!

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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