Oscar,Evolved into ‘Man of Steel’

The new No. 8, Oscar,Evolved into ‘Man of Steel’ and has proved, ever since his arrival, that he can be an integral part of the Chelsea side full of superstars. This man’s never die attitude and commitment on the field makes him one of the promising attackers for Chelsea to bank on in the upcoming years.

Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior, the then 21 year old Brazilian, made his way into every Chelsea fans’ heart with his exceptional goal against Juventus, an inexplicable killer strike in the season of 2013. An integral part of the then attacking midfield trio ‘MaZaCar'(Mata, Hazard and Oscar), his eye for assists and goals simply proved his worth.

His commitment and work rate soon impressed Jose in his comeback season, and one can arguably say, Oscar excelled in the new No. 10 role assigned to him.

Even though, his form faded little in the second half of that season mainly due to fatigue, he had a reasonably good season where he showcased his adaptability skills to the growing demands of the premier league.

Current Season:

With Chelsea’s signing of Cesc Fabregas, doubts were raised mainly on Oscar as the one to lose his starting place. After missing most of the preseason owing to World cup duties, it took some time for Jose to include him in his fully packed midfield line up constituting of Willian, Hazard, Schurrle and Cesc. That much-needed break proved advantageous to him as he looked fresh and energetic in the later matches.


Recent Performances:

Bolton: Used the chance well in pushing his position into the starting lineup for the future matches. Oscar, with his technical ability, combined well with Salah and Schurrle. Scored the match winner which was a low shot from 25 yards directed towards the far left corner.

Aston Villa: Came to the starting line-up replacing Schurrle. Scored the opening goal of the match and his second of the season. Was truly in sync with his Brazilian counterpart Willian, who provided him with an assist for his goal.

Sporting Lisbon: He was incisive that night with his cutting edge passes with abundant supplies to the mid of Schurrle and Hazard. But was unlucky as most of the chances were spurned, not to mention the brilliant performance of Sporting’s goalkeeper.

Oscar even managed a one on one, but his deft toe touch was clearly spotted and saved by the goalkeeper. Was later withdrawn in second-half to make way for Mikel as a part of tactical switch.

Arsenal: Was truly impressive with his commitment and work rate throughout the game, and you won’t do justice to the game without praising the impact he had on the match. He was virtually throwing himself on-to every single opportunity to win the ball, be it in defensive areas or offensive areas.

His head-to-heads with Koscielny were truly a marvel to watch. Even made one of the TV commentators to comment that this guy has something ‘un-Brazilian’ in him on a lighter note – Brazilian in his flair and touch, un-Brazilian in his physicality and work-rate.

The best is yet to come from this Man of Steel. It’s not an understatement, but sheer faith that he can help us in winning more n more ‘OSCAR’s’ of football.

Edited By: Shashank Rai


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