Nine Rare Facts You Should Know About Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, who turned 51 this year, is undoubtedly a superhero at Stamford Bridge. But there are always certain things that are not known about superheroes.

These unknown facts are interesting, and even more so, when we talk about someone like Jose, who led Chelsea to the Premier League title after a long gap of 50 years in the 2004-05 season and has been regarded as the greatest manager of his time. So here are Nine Rare Facts You Should Know About Jose Mourinho :

1. Known as ‘The Special One’ among Chelsea fans and the world alike, his family and friends call him ‘Ze’ which is a widely used diminutive for the name ‘Jose’.

2. The Portuguese manager is known to build strong relationships with his players, apart from his final season at Real Madrid. Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, in one of his interviews to the Guardian newspaper, said, “We call him Daddy” about Mourinho. And when he left Inter Milan for spanish giants Real Madrid, he and Marco Materazzi were pictured together in tears, bidding farewell to each other.

3. In a letter to the Chelsea squad after arriving at the club, he wrote an equation with five words in it:

“Motivation + Ambition + Team Spirit = SUCCESS”

4. According to his mother, Jose did not suddenly become a perfectionist when he started coaching, though he showed signs of his desire for things to be neat and organized right from his childhood.

“At the age of five he would go to school with all his pens, crayons and ruler perfectly ordered and cased in his satchel.” – she said.

5. Jose’s mother wanted him to become a businessman, when it became clear that he was not going to succeed as a professional footballer. At the age of 23, Jose signed up for a business school, although he quit after one day.

6. Before becoming a coach, Mourinho was a PE teacher in Portugal. He was an instant hit with the female students. One of his former students said:

“Until he arrived, no girl ever wanted to do PE, but suddenly nobody was asking for a doctor’s sick note.”

7. Upon winning his second Premier League title with Chelsea in 2006, Jose threw his medal into the crowd. He was provided with a replacement moments later but suffered the same fate. One of the lucky fans to catch one of the medals, later sold it at an auction for £16,800.

8. PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich, in his autobiography ‘I Am Zlatan’, said:

“Jose Mourinho is a big star… He’s cool. The first time he met [my wife] he whispered to her: ‘Helena, you have only one mission. Feed Zlatan, let him sleep, keep him happy!’ The guy says what he wants. I like him.”

9. The 51-year-old met his wife, Tami, when he was a teenager. They got married in 1989 when he was 26. They now have two children – a daughter named Matilda and son named Jose Mario Jr.

Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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