Nemanja Matic is the missing piece in the puzzle

As I watched Chelsea deservingly beat a better defensively organised Arsenal side (relatively to last season when they lost 6-0) one could see that though Arsenal showed up with credible tactics to play a compact formation and narrow the room in midfield to force Chelsea back. The plans Arsenal came with, were put to test when Chelsea sat back and allowed them to attack for some time.

This time, all eyes were on Chelsea’s back line, and Nemanja Matic, who has made significant strides since his return to Chelsea, did not disappoint.

A solid, versatile, strong and quick defensive midfielder is what Chelsea have lacked since the departure of Claude Makélélé and Michael Essien. With John Obi Mikel not being given regular game time, Nemanja Matic is the missing piece in the puzzle.

Arsenal tried to attack Chelsea but failed miserably because the fluidity of their football was disturbed and every time they tried to play, there was a certain Nemanja Matic there breaking up their play.

The versatile defensive midfielder came back to Chelsea as a new breed and has never failed to impress the Chelsea faithful.

Defensively, Chelsea looked much better and rejuvenated with Matic sitting in front of the defensive duo John Terry and Gary Cahill. The team feels like it was well built with Matic’s arrival after a lot of thought to compensate for all the obvious deficiencies that made it lose out on all fronts last season.

I believe his acquisition will give Chelsea the advantage of having to protect the defensive duo of Terry of Cahill and the presence of a play-making maestro in Cesc Fàbregas also at the mid-field line, gives Chelsea the much needed creativity and finishing touch it needs to add value to the José Mourinho style of compact defending to successfully counter-attack the opponents by defense splitting passes there by turning defense to attack in the blink of an eye.

Matic is one of the most important members of the squad thanks to his versatile nature.

Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni


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  1. without matic Chelsea won’t av been what they are now ,i dnt say hazard and co are not good, but he is the brain box in dat team

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