Monitoring Oscar and Ozil’s Role in the Heart of Midfield

This season Chelsea have been a class apart with their consistent performance in the premier league already five points ahead of their title rivals Manchester city.

Oscar is playing a very key role in this excellent run where he has played in almost all matches and is well settled in the team. The gunners are struggling with their form and multiple injury concerns in the premier league, since joining Arsenal Ozil has been a very key player for the club and has played week in week out for the team.

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Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, Oscar has taken the number 10 role to a whole new level. Traditionally a number ten helps his fellow forwards to score goals but Oscar is unlike others he sums up Chelsea’s pressing game and wins the ball frequently by tackling and feeds the ball to either Fabregas or Hazard, once the counter attack is initiated Oscar and Fabregas continuously interchange their positions on the run. Oscar also contributes in the defensive third of the game blocking shots and clearing the ball. To be more precise Oscar plays like a false ten attacking midfielder.

Ozil is a traditional attacking midfielder or trequartista that helps his forwards and wingers to score goals by creating chances by putting key passes. He collects the ball from the central midfield pass the ball to the forward or winger or carries the ball ahead, using his creative mind on the run and creates a chance to score. Ozil is arsenals main playmaker who is the gateway between the defense and attack.

Ozil is known for the chances he creates and the excellent chemistry he has with his forwards he is also a very good passer. He created 76 chances with an average of 2.92 chances created per game and 2.57 key passes per game with an average passing length of 15.69 meters and completed 88% passes which he attempted. Whereas Oscar created 48 chances with an average of 1.45 chances created per game and 1.39 key passes per game and completed 83% of his passes.

Oscar is a hardworking player who will be seen on both the ends of the pitch and despite being a central attacking midfielder he has excellent defensive abilities. Oscar is very good at tracking back the ball to stop the counter and is also good at initiating a counter-attack. Oscar attempted total 101 tackles and won 48.55% of them with an average of 3.06 tackles per game. Defensively Ozil is not as good as Oscar he cannot track back while counter attack and hardly attempts any tackles Ozil attempted 49 tackles and won 32.6% of them.


Both Oscar and Ozil are equally important for their respective teams. Oscar has an excellent chemistry with Matic and Fabregas and contributes in the offensive as well as defensive half of the game.

Whereas Ozil is an irreplaceable player at Arsenal, he has formed a very good chemistry with the forwards. Oscar is complete midfield maestro he can play as a pivot, number 10 and a central midfielder but currently he is playing in an advanced midfield position with Fabregas.

It is very difficult to judge who is better both are excellent team players. Ozil has the capability of creating mesmerizing moments in the match by putting a defense splitting pass, a beautiful through ball or an inch perfect pass. Oscar can stun the audience with his excellent work rate and omnipresence on the field.

This is too early to draw a conclusion upon how effectively Ozil and Oscar will be influential in their respective midfields. As the season passes by, both Ozil and Oscar will deliver varied dynamism to their respective midfields. Ultimately guiding Arsenal and Chelsea to their destined destinations.

Edited By: Abhay Shenoy

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