Fabregas Loves Chelsea,Now and Forever!

It wont just be the Chelsea team playing against the Gunners when the North Londoners visit Stamford Bridge. Nor would it be just Arsene Wenger hoping that his team scores at least one goal, which his team has failed to do against Chelsea for the last 5 hours of game-time shared by the two teams. Their will be a more subtle, sinister battle going on through the middle of the park. Fabregas is the case in focus.

Cesc Fabregas will be playing for the first time in years in London, at least in a jersey other than Arsenal’s. His relation with Arsenal has been a really romantic one. Arsene Wenger though, for reasons only understandable to him and his gunner’s fans chose not to continue this romance with the Spanish maestro. He had the first option to sign the midfielder yet chose to pass the chance only to help Mourinho grab the excellent yet versatile midfielder.

Mourinho says that as time has passed, Cesc Fabregas’ love for the Blues has grown, so much that given the chance to return to North London, he’d choose to stay at SW6. In a recent interview, Mourinho had this to say about the love triangle between Arsenal, Chelsea and Fabregas (in alphabetical order):

“I think Fabregas Loves Chelsea already,”

“He’s so happy: the way he plays, the way he’s a member of the squad, the way he lives in this little blue village.

“It is like he’s (been) here for a long time. If you ask him now if he regrets the move, I’m sure he’d say no. If you ask him if he’d choose a different option, he’d say no. And if you ask him where he thinks he’ll be in five years’ time, he will say Chelsea.

“He is Chelsea. He is completely committed to Chelsea. And he likes Chelsea very, very much. One thing is that and another thing is to forget the past. I’m happy he doesn’t forget the past.”

See there? Little Blue Village. Cesc’s a fond villager he says. You guessed it right, the past as always is/are the Gunners. Mourinho says Fabregas hasn’t forgotten his life and times at Arsenal. Quite simply, the club that you spent most of your playing time at and scored 57 goals for is not easily forgotten. In fact, it’s a bad thing to do so, Mourinho knows, as always.

“I wouldn’t be happy if he came here saying he didn’t care about Arsenal. Many times, when (players) say that, it’s not true. If it’s true, it’s also not good. He’ll never lose his respect and his connection with a club where he arrived as a kid and left as a top player.

“He doesn’t forget Arsenal, he doesn’t forget the time he spent there, he doesn’t forget the contribution Arsenal made in his fantastic career, and that deserves a place in his memory and his heart. For me, the approach is correct.

“The fact he’s giving everything to Chelsea with such professionalism and enthusiasm is exactly what we want of him.”


That is fine with me too, and perhaps with every other Chelsea fan as well. All that we want is a good performance from Blue Fabregas of the Blue Village. We don’t have to worry about Arsenal fans, they themselves get so personal with the players that move on from their team that they need to attend some classes by Chelsea fans to learn how to treat their ex-players (read SFL).

For now, all we want is a good battering of Arsenal. No more, no less. KTBFFH!


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