Was Courtois’ Injury Appropriately Handled by Chelsea’s Medical Team?

A scare of depression rippled through Stamford Bridge in the Box-Office Sunday clash, when Arsenal’s Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez and Chelsea’s Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois met with an unintentional collision which left Chelsea goalkeeper rather uncomfortable.

The Chelsea medical staff was quick to react, and the cut inside the ear was taken care of. Thibaut Courtois was back in action. However, this didn’t last long as Courtois had gone to ground a few minutes later. The medical fraternity was on their toes, and all the concerns were mutually addressed.

After a small examination, it was decided that Thibaut had to be substituted. The commentator Danny Mills and certainly thousands watching the game had a question in their mind:

“Why wasn’t he substituted just after the moment of impact?”or “Was Courtois’ Injury Appropriately Handled by Chelsea’s Medical Team?”

My answer to all these speculations is “No” and I have certain arguments in my support. Let me make one thing clear, all arguments I am putting forward are not even slightly influenced by my ever existing love for Eva Carneiro. I being a medical personnel am putting forward the arguments to our readers:

1. Courtois had a cut in his inner ear, so the medical team had started working on that first, and they dint have much of the time to examine the knock on the lateral forehead. And no sports medical team can make out the things going behind the bones and flesh.

2. Some people say that Thibaut had gone unconscious, but he wasn’t, he was” Sub-conscious” that time. Although he had gone to ground but he moved his limbs.

3. Head injuries are never easy to detect and examine, so in the amidst of such a huge crowd and such small time duration, it is quite practically impossible to examine it for Eva and company.

4. If something serious inevitably happened, it would have been reported in the MRI scans and medical tests that Courtois had undergone after he was off, but nothing such was reported. Even on the club’s official website it was mentioned that Thibaut was fit and fine, and he was looking forward to representing Belgium in the European qualifiers in the week to follow.

5. Not just in London but I am sure, even the Belgium national medical team might have taken precautionary measures and diagnosed Courtois again and if even there was some signs of him being medically unfit , he would have been sidelined and rested for the upcoming qualifiers but that isn’t the case, he is still there in the squad and also played against Andorra, so I feel that should end all questions regarding his current fitness.

6. The issue is even more hyped up because, and the haunting memories of Petr Cech’s hazardous collision is still fresh for Chelsea fans, which almost cost him his career and life. I respect all the concerns of our Chelsea fans across the globe and wish luck to Thibaut Courtois.

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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