Chelsea vs Manchester United: Excerpts of the Pre-Match Press Conference – Jose Mourinho

The Blues will be looking to reach the landmark and get their 600th win of all time in the Premier League, with the all-important away game against Manchester United on Sunday.

The Red Devils have had a bitter season so far, to say the least, with mediocre performances in defense and not-so-threatening displays in the attacking area as well. Despite the arrival of Di Maria and Falcao, they are unable to exhibit a performance as a team, which might guarantee them a place in top four. The Blues will be looking to capitalize on their moderate run of form and possibly bag the three important away points at Old Trafford.

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The weekly press conference was held featuring Jose Mourinho; here’s covering what the Chelsea boss had to say ahead of the Man United clash:


When asked about whether Jose has any positive news about his team, he said:

“I always bring positive news. The team is playing well, we are confident, the camp is happy and we are ready for the game.”


Q: Will there be any changes from the squad that played in the midweek fixture? What about the injuries?

A: Costa has a little chance, so does Mikel and Ramires. But Remy doesn’t have a chance.

Q: What is Costa dealing with? Is it the hamstring or the groin that’s affected?

A: His hamstring is affected. He was discharged from the hospital two days ago.

Q: Is he back in training?

A: Individually, yes. But as a team, not yet.

Q: What about Remy, then?

A: He’s out two or three weeks, unfortunately.


Q: What sort of approach are we going to see at Old Trafford?

A: We will play as good as we are, try and get the maximum points. We are in a good position. As I mentioned already, we are confident, and in a good situation. There is no reason for us to change our mentality. We’re playing against a big team, we know that, but we have good momentum so I think we will be fine.

Q: Will Didier Drogba start?

A: I don’t know, honestly.

Q: Is playing against Man United a special kind of feeling for you?

A: I like to play big matches, against the best teams, in the most difficult stadiums. I know that the risk of not getting good results is bigger in big matches, but for me, to go to Old Trafford, I did it with four different clubs; Porto, Inter, Real Madrid and Chelsea, and I like to go there.


Q: What do you think about Van Gaal and how he’s set his team up this year?

A: Man United is Man United. It doesn’t matter about the manager, their situation, the table or the players. I always look at them independent of these factors. It won’t be Mourinho vs. Louis Van Gaal tomorrow, it will be Chelsea vs. Man United. Louis Van Gaal is one of my big friends in football, so I’ll be happy to play against him anytime and in any circumstances.

Q: Do you think you would have reached where you are now, if not for him?

A: I think this is not the moment for me to answer that. He has been a big influence in my life, but please, after tomorrow, he will be my opponent, so don’t make me speak good about him for half an hour!


Q: How influential has Drogba been in the dressing room and what do you think about the importance of his first goal?

A: Didier is always Didier for us. He is where he belongs, at home. His contribution will never be forgotten. It doesn’t matter whether he plays or not, he will always be of major importance to us and we are very happy to have him. What he did against Crystal Palace was truly amazing because he did not even have one training session with us after his injury.


Q: What about Juan Mata? Does any part of you regret letting him leave?

A: Juan has been no more than a good player to me, and he was like 30 or 40 other players that I have worked with. Circumstances were such that we had to let him go, but I feel no regret.


A: Thibaut (Courtois) will start.


Q: Felipe Luis looks like he is going to have his first start in the Premier League, how do you feel about that?

A: Luis has been playing in all Champions League games so far, and is looking in really good shape. Although Azpi is a tough man to replace, I have no problem in Luis starting this Sunday even though it is a decision I was forced to make. Besides, we bought Luis for this kind of a situation precisely.

That’s all from the Blues’ boss now, and he looks confident enough (as always) to take on United at Trafford. Let’s hope we can pull off a good performance and grab the three points on Sunday! Until the next one, KTBFFH!!

Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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