Chelsea in line to Hijack Arsenal’s Target

If there’s one thing we are really good at other than annoying Arsene Wenger and destroying football through our financial powers, it is hijacking a move for a top player from big teams.

We did it with Willian and Mohammed Salah last season and now it looks like it’s happening again with Sami Khedira. But what makes this more fun is, Arsene Wenger might be on the receiving end this time around.

Yes, you read it right “Chelsea in line to Hijack Arsenal’s Target”, according to The Daily Express, Arsenal had made a lucrative contract offer of £100,000 a week for the German midfielder and were winning the race to bring Khedira to the Emirates before Chelsea stepped in with a possible Khedira-Cech swap deal.

As it turns out, Carlo Ancelotti has finally realized that Iker Casillas is past his prime and needs a new goalkeeper to replace him at goalpost and with Petr Cech unsatisfied with his role on the bench at Chelsea, Ancelotti might be interested in a player exchange deal.


Mourinho has been a long-term admirer of his self-confessed disciple Sami Khedira, and he was practically the first name in the team sheet during Mourinho’s charge in Real Madrid.

Basically a box to box midfielder, Khedira could be a great compliment to Nemanja Matic’s defensive role in central midfield. In addition to his fluid passing and commanding presence in the midfield, Khedira also has a good eye for goal, making him a complete package at the center of the pitch. He could also settle easily in a 4-3-3 alongside Matic and Fabregas in the center against better teams if needed.

With Cech probably leaving in the January transfer window, it would be a win-win situation for both the clubs if this deal finalizes.

Oh, and it would also mean some more blabbing and whining from Arsene Wenger in front of the media. That would be fun too!

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