Criticized Chelsea for Thibaut Courtois injury

A charity that deals with the welfare of people with Head concussions has come up and Criticized Chelsea for Thibaut Courtois injury, the way it was handled. The charity’s website evoked past concerns about injuries to Spurs’ Hugo Lloris as well as Evertonian Romelu Lukaku.

The Premier League in August this year had set in force new guidelines for on-field head injuries that required teams to immediately inspect any players with apparent head injuries. In consultation with an specialist tunnel doctor, they had to decide whether to take the player off or allow him to play on.

In the case of Thibaut Courtois, the Chelsea medical team inspected him and let him play on for a further 14 minutes. Afterwards, the bleeding from his ears was observed, and this led to him being taken off. The charity argues that Courtois should have been taken off as soon as he collided with Alexis Sanchez and went blank on the ground.

Furthermore, Chelsea have claimed that the medical reports for the CT scan and MRI scans reveal nothing fearful. However, the charity argues that these techniques are unable to identify the brain injuries in the vicinity of concussions and hence the delay caused between the injury and dispatching him to the hospital should not have been there. At first glance, this looks like a genuine concern.

Courtois himself has said that he feels well since leaving the hospital. He has also been cleared to join the national Belgium side for the international break. It is noteworthy that players like Romelu Lukaku and recently a German defender claimed to have forgotten scoring goals or having played in those games at all where they suffered head injuries, the German injury taking place in the FIFA World Cup 2014’s final against Argentina.

While both Chelsea and the Headway Charity presumably want the best for Thibaut Courtois, it is quite clear that the new guidelines set by the Premier League needs to be implemented strictly and if possible some more and effective guidelines/rules need to be set in place. This will reduce the damage done to players because of such injuries. At the moment though, Courtois hasn’t come out and said that he has forgotten anything. That’s a good sign methinks. What about you? let us know in the comments below.

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