Petr Cech leaving this January

Sad it may be, however, there is no denying that seeing Petr Cech on the bench is not a view we like. Thibaut Courtois has established himself as a first choice goalkeeper in the Jose Mourinho’s team and Petr Cech has decided not to remain silent forever on the matter.

I have not spoken to anyone, but I think they know me well enough at the club (Chelsea) to know that the situation is definitely not the way I would imagine. With the Euros (in 2016) and the national team in mind, there is no time for me to sit on the bench and not to play. If the situation will not start to improve for me, then I will want to solve it.

Source: Mail.

It will be interesting to see that what solution he is exactly talking about. We hope it’s not Good Bye though!


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