Arsene Wenger goes Unpunished

Arsene Wenger goes Unpunished after pushing Jose Mourinho in his technical area in front of everyone’s naked eye. This is what FA had to say.

Arsene Wenger will not face punishment for shoving Jose Mourinho during Arsenal’s game at Chelsea on Sunday. […] The Arsenal manager pushed Mourinho, later claiming the Chelsea boss had prevented him getting “from A to B”.

Both men were warned at the time by referee Martin Atkinson and, under Football Association rules that meant any further action was always unlikely.

– Source: Sky Sports

According to FA, it’s a good enough reason to let Wenger go, though the point B, as Wenger mentioned, would have been on the pitch, where he is not allowed anyway. Who cares about technicalities though when it’s Monsieur Wenger whose conduct is under scrutiny.

Consider a role reversal now. Say Jose “Bully” Mourinho would have pushed Mr. Arsene “Gentleman” Wenger instead? What would have been FA’s reaction? That’s so like you FA.


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