Hazard and Costa made the difference claimed Arsene Wenger

Hazard and Costa made the difference claimed Arsene Wenger in Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea on Sunday – not Cesc Fabregas.

Former Arsenal captain Fabregas was lauded for his display in Chelsea’s midfield but Hazard and Costa got the goals, and Wenger was reluctant to hand out too much praise to the Spaniard.

“He did well but I think in midfield it was very even,” Wenger said when quizzed on Fabregas’ performance.

“At the end of the day it is Hazard and Diego Costa who made the difference.”

Wenger controversially shoved his opposite number Jose Mourinho in what was a heated London derby, and the Frenchman felt it was a game of fine margins.

“It was a very intense game. Very tight as well,” he said. “It was about not making a mistake and not giving the first goal away.

“After that we were 1-0 down. We had good opportunities in the first half and we have to turn these into dangerous situations and finish them.

“After that in the second half it was all us and we were a bit unlucky. We made a mistake on the second goal, and the second goal killed the game off.”

He added: “They are a physical team and have technical individual players. We knew it would be a game that would come down to little details that were on their side.

“It was a very even game today. If you look at the number of saves our keeper made today, it was nothing. Their keeper as well.

“The game was who can take advantage of an opportunity that the other team gives away.

“I think we turned up with a strong performance, with a strong spirit and it was down to very little today.”



  1. Oh how times have changed. From a haughty and refined ‘M. le Profeseur’ and football philosopher to boot . . . to infamous, frustrated touch-line brawler, resorting to attempting a knuckle sandwich on ‘The Special One’.

  2. Wenger….still cant beat the happy one….lol….
    .chelsea forever. ..and him dont want praise fabrigas. ……him do a very good job today…..fabrigas. …is d best midfielder in the league rite now…..go my chelsea side…..

  3. The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter, so forgive the people(Wenger and the squad) who hurts you… They will realise your worth..=

  4. Wenger is a born failure and liar. Why can’t him acknowledge the truth. Who made the pass to Costa for the goal? Who is the best assist in EPL today? Fabregas is the one. Wenger should burry his head in shame.

  5. I think Wenger got that wrong. Fabregas was very influential in that midfield with Matic backing him. Arsenal really had no chance off winning the game, even at 1-0 it was as if the game was over.

  6. I wish Wenger will realise quickly that Fabregas is a Midfield Magician,nd Dt He cant tak it away frm him.Fab is Good,a great wonderful Ball passer.Credit to the Special One!

  7. I wish Wenger will get it into his head as fast as he can dt Fabregas is a Midfield Magician nd dt cant be taken away frm him.Wenger u can never beat D ‘Special One’.Up Chelsea!!

  8. Oscar did all the dirty work and gave matic a rest in yesterday’s game … Wat a pass from fabrepass to diegoooooooal costa…. Mourinho know hw to score this man too much.

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