4 Reasons Why Arsene Wenger is a Failed Manager

So let me start of with what Wenger had to say when he was asked about his team’s repeated failure to manage any kind of result against a top team like us or an incompetency to finish above fourth in the league table?

Here’s how he replied:

“It was an even game, but at the end of the day they have financial power and used it in an effective way with players like Diego Costa and Eden Hazard making the difference.”


Umm… I don’t understand how can anyone be that pathetic? I mean, instead of accepting his failure and his one dimensional, no good tactics Wenger whines around in the media, crying about us being the financial power and all, when as a matter of fact, his club’s net spent was more than ours!

I mean Sanchez didn’t come for free did he? He did cost a whooping 35 M pounds, so did Mesut Ozil last season!

But leave that for a second. Consider this, maybe if Wenger was really a world class manager who was wise enough to accept his defeats and learn from his mistakes, wouldn’t he be pondering over questions like:


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