The Truth About Chelsea Positioning to Sign La Liga Star

Denis Suarez has put the accelerator on his young career since returning to Spain. The youngster moved from Celta Vigo’s youth system to that of Manchester City in 2011 and impressed during his time with the Premier League club. However, when Barcelona came knocking at the door, Suarez was keen and Manchester City didn’t stand in the player’s way.

That was a year ago and this summer Suarez, now 20 years old, sealed a deal to go to Sevilla on loan for two seasons. It was a goodwill gesture as part of the deal with saw Sevilla captain Ivan Rakitic move to Barcelona and if the loan works out then everyone wins.

It’s going well so far, and Suarez is impressing Sevilla. He’s considered there to be a better acquisition than even Gerard Deulofeu who also joined on loan from Barcelona this summer. That could be partly down to the perceived poor attitude and cockiness of the player who shone at Everton last year. Gerard Deulofeu is in something of a bad moment but his talent should push him out of that.

So, how have the stories snowballed about Chelsea and Suarez? Well, there’s nothing we can find other than the Daily Star. The British newspaper say they got it from reports in Spain, only we’ve tried and can’t find any reports in Spain which pre-date the Daily Star article. There are reports in Spain now, but they all lean on the Daily Star article. A bit of a rumour mess.

There have been further claims, this time on social media, that the Sevilla press reported Chelsea interest. This also appears to be untrue. Estadio Deportivo are Sevilla’s newspaper and they’ve had nothing on the possible transfer, neither has anyone else.

This one has come from thin air, an invention of a very quiet week. Chelsea may one day be very interested in Denis Suarez but right now there’s nothing in it.


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