See Which Chelsea Player Turned Down a Harvard Scholarship Over Football

What would you do if you are offered an Ivy League University at the age of 16? Well, you grasp the opportunity with both hands that’s what you do! After all not everyone gets the chance to study in a college like Harvard.

But as a fan you surely know that Football is a funny game and if you become involved with this sport passionately it’s impossible to break out from the clutches of this beautiful sport and that’s what happened with our striker on loan Patrick Bamford.

As it turns out Patrick’s talent doesn’t just makes him a very good striker on the pitch but off the pitch too he is a multi-talented young man who can speak German and French languages and is also skilled at playing Piano, saxophone and Violin, all these at the age of 21! And yeah right now he is learning to play guitar too! Quite a talented young man he is.

Here’s what he has to say on his Harvard scholarship and his passion for football:

“I did my GCSEs early (five A stars, three As, two Bs) so when it came to going into the scholar programme at Forest, I’d already done a year of A-levels,” he explains.

“Just in case things didn’t work out I’d already looked at universities. I applied abroad and somehow Harvard offered me a scholarship.”


“They offered it mainly based on football but it was also to do with business and I would have included a language as well.”

“My ambition was always to play football, so as soon as I knew I had the chance to make it pro and achieve my dream then Harvard was just a back-up”

That says a lot about his love and passion for this game, dropping a scholarship from Harvard to play a game where your chances to succeed is slim compared to a Harvard degree speaks a lot of his confidence in himself.

He goes on to say that primarily he was going to be the 3rd choice striker at Chelsea before the return of Drogba:

“The original plan was to stay at Chelsea and be a third striker, But the chance came to bring Drogba back and he is obviously a legend at the club.”

“Jose said the best option for me was to go out and play again and I agreed with that.”

“You’ve just got to be patient. Romelu was obviously eager to be the main guy, so when the chance for him to go to Everton came he grabbed it.”

“But I know what the plan is for me. Chelsea thinks most players won’t be mature enough to play in the first team until they are 22 or 23. So if I keep biding my time until then and keep improving, hopefully, I will get my chance.”

Yes, that’s what we hope to Patrick that you get your chance at Chelsea and establish yourself as the main striker for the decade. Good Luck for the future!

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