Inside Jose’s Head: Why would Mourinho Want Fernando Torres at Inter Milan

There is something special about Jose Mourinho. We all have felt it somewhere or the other. Somehow, he manages to stay diplomatic in the strangest of the situations. And at times he will surprise you with completely unexpected remarks. (only God knows whether he means them).

Whether it was while he was handling Mata last season or now when he has sent out Fernando Torres on loan, he has never admitted he wanted the players to leave and kept praising them till the last minute. However, the case of Fernando Torres is a bit curious one. For the first time in my life, I think he meant the praises he had for the El Nino. Being a Mourinho fan, however, it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because Jose has spoken his heart out and made a right choice in sending the once upon a time one of the greatest strikers to AC Milan. Sad, because, as a manager, he had to take a tough call. It’s not easy when the so called star striker you like and who is trying as hard as possible to get into the team, despite all the talent that he posses is not able to perform. I bet it would not have been an easy decision. His heart would have loathed him but what about his mind, the mind which is revered as the greatest in Footballing world.

Jose has been continuously maintaining that he likes Fernando Torres. Torres is the kind of guy that everyone likes actually. He is diligent, was ready to work hard, ready to perform whenever the team wanted him to (and performed brilliantly in the larger tournaments), but somehow, his luck seemed to abandon him just when it was required the most. His stats at Chelsea Football Club don’t justify the hard work he was putting in. And with Chelsea no longer being the little horse in the race, Jose is under performance pressure. He has to deliver this season or who knows what Roman would do.

Whether he wanted it or not is not a question at all. He had to send Torres out, no matter what.

So when it came to this, he would have definitely wanted Torres to move to a team that is really close to his heart, and that’s Inter Milan.

‘I’m an Interista and I would have preferred if he’d gone to Inter,’ Jose said at the coach summit.

‘However, I hope that he does equally well at Milan. What I can say about Fernando is that as a person and a professional, there is nothing to doubt about him.

‘He’s a fantastic boy and a great professional. However, he needed a change of scenery.’

Sure he is. All the best big lad. Do your best and our wishes are with you.


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