Manuel Pellegrini : Chelsea Play like a Small Team

Manuel Pellegrini : Chelsea Play like a Small Team

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has a big mouth for sure. His team is sitting in the middle of the table and five points behind Chelsea, yet he thinks they are the Champions in here, and another one is a “SMALL TEAM.”

Here is what he had to say in his post match reaction.

“One big team playing as a big team. One big team playing as a small team, like Stoke,” said Pellegrini.

Well Mr. Big-Mouth Pellegrini, let’s get few facts right in here.

1) Defense is also part of the game. You had almost lost the game and thanks to OUR Frank Lampard that your were left with some dignity. Teams who win are the big teams, not the teams who spend crazy and yet blame other teams for their poor performances.

2) By calling Stoke City a small team, you have shown us how arrogant you are. No team is small in English Premier League, and Leicester City proved that tonight against your fellow Manchester club.

Call us a “small team” when we will be lifting the cup by the end of the Season. Jose Mourinho is listening to you. KTBFFH

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