Kurt Happy Zouma’s Interesting Hollywood Connection

As a Chelsea freak, I keep hunting for great and interesting news pieces all day long, and this one was the most interesting of them all no doubt.

Chelsea’s colossal defender Kurt Zouma has revealed that his name is inspired from a movie character inacted by none other than great action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme. (Don’t tell me you don’t know the LIONHEART or I wil break your neck.)

News piece from Official Site:

Strong, powerful and possessing one almighty leap, it may come as no surprise to learn Kurt Happy Zouma takes his name from a character played by action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Kurt Sloane was the name of the lead character in the 1989 movie Kickboxer, and provided the inspiration for Zouma’s parents when he was born in Lyon in 1994.


‘In the film, he helps everyone and is super strong,’ the 19-year-old explains. ‘So my parents decided that if they gave me that name I’d be hard and always have a smile. Apparently it worked!’

As for the middle name, it is not uncommon in some African cultures for virtues to be given as names, and Zouma’s parents originally hail from the Central African Republic. Happy seems to fit nicely.

I have seen it all now! KTBFFH

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