Jose Mourinho Blames a Player for Hiding his Age Once Again

Controversy and Jose Mourinho seem to be synonyms. The Special One has been into trouble for blaming Samuel Etoo for hiding his age last season, and this season again, he is at it.

However, it is bit different this time. Mourinho is doing it for fun and the player who is being teased not minding it all.

Youngster Kurt Zouma doesn’t seem to be bothered by what the manager has to say and takes it in a lighter way.

Zouma told French newspaper L’Equipe:

“The group, they laugh a little about me, about my age, because, well, I’m a big man for 19 years old.

“Even the coach, he once told me there was a blood test – ‘Here, we will see if you lied about your age!’

“But really, they’re cool.” (Source: OFF THE POST)

Zouma also revealed that new team-mate Diego Costa has taken to slapping him around the add.

He claims the Spain international is “very, very crazy”.

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