Jamie Redknapp’s Punditry and Why Loic Remy Belongs to Chelsea


What is the difference between a genius and a pundit? Geniuses say great things. Things that are original. Things that are creative. Things that are not so obvious! A pundit, however, says things that may not be so original, or, even too obvious most of the times, but are said in a creative fashion. And in some ways, they can make it sound even more interesting than the geniuses.

As an example, let’s take a look at the following comment by Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp. Jamie Redknapp was upset by Remy getting transferred to Chelsea, and has obviously obvious reasons for that.

“Loic Remy is a player I’ve seen closely at QPR and I just think ‘why would you go to Chelsea at the moment? Where are you going to play?’ He’s not.

“Could he play in the wide positions ahead of Eden Hazard and Andre Schurrle and people like that? Absolutely not – and he’s certainly not going to play ahead of Diego Costa.

“So he’s going there to play in the Capital One Cup and the odd Champions League game here and there.

“If Diego Costa is fit, this guy plays. He is the difference.”

WoW pundit! You seriously got it right. Why else will Chelsea buy Diego Costa and sell Torres if they had to give Remy a place in the first team straight away? We all know that. However, let’s not forget Remy has his reasons to join the blues.

As a Chelsea player, firstly, he gets to work with one of the best managers (and I am not being rude). Also, it’s a long season and there is every chance that he will get lots of EPL appearances. Even if he gets to make appearances only in the Capitol One, FA and other Mickey Mouse cups, still he will get more than 20 games for sure. Plus, he gets paid better. And his future can also be as bright as Ba and of course the old man Eto’o (Let’s not talk about Torres transfer now, as things that are exceptions should not be taken as examples).

Secondly, with Chelsea, he is going to be in a team which is poised to win every single cup this season (QPR may even get relegated). Isn’t that a motivation enough? He has a lot of things to give to Chelsea Football Club in the upcoming years.

So Mr. Redknapp, let’s not focus on why he should not be joining this great club. Instead, let’s talk about what great things he is going to bring to the Chelsea Football Club, and his great future ahead here at the Stamford Bridge. All the best Remy. Make us proud.

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