Four Reasons Why Oscar Will Be a Great Threat in Season 2014-15

Oscar has been a vital player for this chelsea side and has featured regularly under Jose Mourinho for the most part last season. So it’s time to analyze what he brings to this side tactically and why is Jose Mourinho so fond of this young Brazilian who has been tipped by many as the next Kaka in making.


Oscar Dos Santos was bought by Chelsea in the summer of 2012 from Internacional at 19M pounds. His arrival was somewhat overshadowed by Eden Hazard at that time. The constant change of Managers didn’t help either, and he was mostly played out of position as a sub for a better part of that season.

The 2013 season saw the return of Jose Mourinho and straight away Oscar was deployed at the number 10 role that previously belonged to Mata. So what did Jose saw in the young Brazilian which prompted Mourinho to build a team around him? What was the tactical reason behind starting Oscar and eventually selling Mata?

Here are some reasons that explain the tactics and importance of Oscar in this Chelsea side:


  1. Oscar!…………. He is the best player of CFC. If he was in the game between Everton and CFC, Everton would not have score up to that number of goals they scored us. please let JT leave He is not functioning well for CFC any more. Love CFC

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