Egyptian Coach Blames Chelsea for Losing Their First Game

Egypt coach Shawky Gharib is not happy, and he has too many things to blame after Egypt lost their African Cup of Nations qualifying game against Senegal. However, the top reason he thinks why he lost the game was because of Chelsea.

According to his wisdom, Mohamed Salah could not perform up to his potential because of the lack of match fitness and thinks that Chelsea is to be held responsible for it as they have benched Salah for the most part of the season.

‘The poor fitness of the players, especially Chelsea’s Mohamed Salah, is also a reason for the loss.


The Egyptian league hasn’t started yet and also Salah didn’t regularly play with Chelsea. If Salah is off-form, Egypt’s performance is always affected.’

Do you agree with him? Should we give Salah more playing time? If yes, then who should he be replacing in the usual starting eleven?



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