Diego Costa vs Radamel Falcao: Who will be The Striker of The Season 2014-15

Here we are comparing two strikers who are one of the best in the modern day football. As a Chelsea fan, I have experienced the ruthlessness of both the strikers. That defeat in Super cup final and UCL semi finals still haunts us, thanks to these world class strikers.

At one time, Costa and Falcao together used to tear apart the opposition for Atletico but now times and teams have changed. They are now in worlds most famous league facing head to head for European giants. This surely leads to the comparison and question “who will come out to the top?”

Falcao is performing at league and European level for past few years. From Porto to Atletico to Monaco, striker has never disappointed and have won matches on its own. It earned him his nickname, El Tigre, after a team-mate told him he had played like a tiger in an under-15 game. His extra ordinary finishing and ability to head the ball is what makes him lethal goal scorer. Prolific inside the 17 yard box, strength, both footed and his positioning is something defenders really fear.

Costa, on the other hand, has always lived in the shadow of Falcao while his stay at Atletico but once his departure to Monaco, costa shined for his club in LA Liga as well as UCL. Took them to the league title with 27 goals and UCL final too. Jose was really impressed from costa and decided to splash money on the Spanish striker. His decision was based in part on Costa’s over-all game; his work off the ball; his durability – all qualities that he was to show over the next two seasons, first with Falcao alongside him, and then as his replacement. Chelsea’s history with Strikers has been a little worry. Shevchenko, Crespo and Torres are few examples. Pressure on Costa is surely building. His aggression on the field is what worries Jose but he wouldn’t mind that. Would he?

Costa’s goal to shots ratio is better than that of Falcao, but latter’s amount of goal and single handed approach to the game is what keeps him one step ahead of the ex-Brazilian striker. After an injury, Falcao may never be the same but you never know.

This time both these strikers have better players around them. Di maria, Rooney and Mata in United. Fabregas, Hazard and Oscar in Chelsea. All these players are excellent providers of the ball; therefore, one expect loads of goals from these strikers. It will be quiet interesting to watch how they fight for the golden boot and take their team to glory. Time for EPL defenders to tighten their boots and try to stop these brutal strikers, who in any case will hunt them down.

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