Diego Costa is A legend in Making, Writes Former Chelsea Star

Former Chelsea star and columnist Pat Nevin, hails Diego Costa as a legend in making. He also suggests that provided Diego Costa stays at the Stamford Bridge, and maintains the standards and consistency he is known for; he can even surpass the likes of Osgood and Drogba.

He writes in his blog:

There are moments at football clubs when you know something special has just happened. The 6-3 win at Goodison Park was incredible and Diego Costa’s involvement colossal, but it still wasn’t the pivotal moment for me.

The special moment I was referring to at the top was the one that imperceptibly happened during the second half against Swansea. It might have come with the third goal, or when the entire stadium stood as one and sang his name shortly afterwards. Maybe it was when he walked off allowing new boy Remy a little bit of late glory. Certainly by the time he strolled to the tunnel, it was accompanied by a real feeling that as he departed, he had arrived, with the makings of a Chelsea legend.

I don’t use the word legend often, some bandy it about with abandon, but in many ways it should be kept sacred, not treated lightly. Legends are the likes of Osgood, Zola, Terry, Drogba and Lampard. There are many, but not that many and to enter that pantheon it takes years’ worth of quality at the very highest level, so be restrained.

Pat Nevin also notes that it is very hard to find any weakness in Costa’s game. While the sporting world is going gaga over the striking prowess Costa possesses, Pat Nevin tries to look at some of his weaknesses, which ironically are nonexistent, columnist concludes.

At this point I am actually looking at Diego Costa in a different light; instead of looking at his strengths I am trying to figure out what his weaknesses are. Is he strong enough for the Premier League? Yes. Brave enough to be a top striker? Check. Is he good on the deck, good in the air, exceptional at holding the ball up, has exceptional vision, is he selfish when he needs to be, unselfishness when the time is right? All are answered in the affirmative.

Let’s try again, is he a natural goalscorer, does he have the desire, the strength of personality and the passion for being a winner at world-class football club? Again it all checks out.

I am now beginning to struggle a bit. He is quicker than people give him credit for and he seems to have the type of character that can walk into the dressing room of one of the top club sides in the world, puff his chest out and say ‘I belong here’, two minutes after arriving.

He also notes that it’s incredibly difficult for the defenders to intimidate Diego Costa.

He also clearly delights in annoying the living daylights out of every player he comes up against and it would be easier to intimidate a fully grown bear than get Diego to take a step backwards.

Do you agree with Pat Nevin?



  1. What I know from D.Costa he never make him self to be intimidates by the opponent defenders is good thing to him that make him to score very easy.
    2nd he is very attentive of waiting the passes from his team-mate, like from Fabregass, Remires, Hazard, and others is normally can’t miss chances twice.

  2. i agreed with him he is a perfect striker for our this season and beyond … i thank mohrinno for buying costa…costa is the hot girl everyone like now and beyond

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