Chelsea 4-2 Swansea: Analyzing the Annihilating Blues

Chelsea 4-2 Swansea proves Blues better than anyone, the defense needs some work though

When Swansea City beat Manchester United in their opening game of the season, few people would have thought that they would be aiming to pip the Blues to the top of the table when they visit Stamford Bridge on September 13.

September 13 is come and gone and Chelsea have taken the air out of that claim to the top of the table. Sending a clear message of intent to all the elite clubs who are either drawing or losing at the moment. The result at the end of the 90 minutes at Stamford Bridge is Chelsea 4-2 Swansea, with the last goal from Jonjo Shelvey just proving to be a consolation.

Here are the main takeaways from the home victory against the Swans.

  • Chelsea conceded two goals that no Mourinho team would ever concede, first an goal by Terry, which was just unfortunate and then a Jonjo goal that was just bemusing, Azpilicueta must remember that Luis Filipe is on the bench.
  • Diego Costa will put any or all mid table teams to the sword, it doesn’t matter how well you defend. He has come to England to Score goals and devastate teams. 7 goals in 4 matches puts all the doubts to bed. Besides that’s 2 more than what Torres got in the entire season last time out. It doesn’t matter how much defenders want to get under his skin, he relishes that. It encourages him.
  • Cesc Fabregas has now got 6 assists, Hazard had 7 in the last campaign. His link up with Costa seems like a match made in heaven, if they are fit, Chelsea will outscore any team in the league. Period.
  • Super subs at the field, Chelsea have got Loic Remy. Remy is the second Chelsea striker to score on his debut this season, and if he imitates the other one even further, Chelsea will rip teams apart. Add to that people like Ramires (with an assist), Salah,Luis and others and that still sounds like first team or to use the fancy words, super subs.
  • It’s really hard to catch Chelsea at the top of the league, bar the patchy defence which Mourinho will sort out soon enough, Chelsea are better than any team any day of the weak, counter attack, possession, passing, crossing, tackling, holding. Whatever it might be, Blues are game and they mean business this time around. No kidding.


We sure hope that Chelsea continue this perfect start to the season and there are more hat-tricks to be seen at the Bridge and Elsewhere. Follow us for more.



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