5 Major Things Jose Mourinho Said in His Post Match Reaction [Chelsea vs Aston Villa]

We bring you the five major things Chelsea manager said after an astounding victory against Aston Villa at the Stamford Bridge.

Manager showed his happiness and satisfaction over the victory, and praised the goal scorers Oscar, Diego Costa and Willian. He also showed his concern over Diego Costa’s injury and gave important updates regarding his future plans.

Jose Mourinho’s Reaction Over The Victory

‘I’m happy,’ said the Portuguese. ‘In the first half we had a couple of important chances to score again but everything was under control.

‘The team were very solid and kept control of the game all the time. Even when it was 1-0, I don’t remember feeling fear, scared or uncomfortable. The second and third goals obviously killed the game but overall it was a very good performance.’


  1. Yeah! I’m very happy with the match against Aston Villa, the team(Villa) won at home last season in a controvercial manner which really contributed to our loosing grasp of taking the league.
    Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal. Chelsea for life.

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