FIFA 15: Expected Chelsea Players Rating

7. Filipe Luis – 83

FIFA 14 Rating – 82

One of the most underrated players in his position in the world, Luis’ transfer to Chelsea finally saw him recognised for his years of excellent performances both defensively and supporting Atletico Madrid’s attack on the left flank. With last year’s overrated Ashley Cole (85) departing for Roma, Luis looks just the man to fill his shoes with a consistently solid display of stats across the board. At an overall rating of 82, he’s already an excellent option who would do well by just about any team in the game. However, at 29 years old, I’d nevertheless give him a small nudge up to 83 to reflect the fact that he’s an outstanding player who has almost certainly hit his ceiling at this point.

In terms of individual stats, he’s dependable almost everywhere, an accurate depiction of Luis’ ability to play defence or push forward with equal efficiency. His high crossing stat will be particularly exciting to Chelsea fans, who will be looking for someone to whip the ball in for Costa to finish off. As expected by my prediction of only a single point’s overall increase, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which areas need significant improvement. Agility and Balance might be worth a lift from 74 and 60, but that’s about it.

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