FIFA 15: Expected Chelsea Players Rating

9. Gary Cahill – 81

FIFA 14 Rating – 80

A solid reflection of Cahill’s rise in recent years, an 80 rating seems about fair considering the Englishman has struggled a little to maintain his good form when apart from captain John Terry. His starting overall stat should stay close to the same, perhaps receiving a little boost to 81 to reflect another successful year where he was an integral part of Mourinho’s near-impregnable defensive unit.

Cahill is already one of the players whose abilities and shortcomings have been intelligently reflected in FIFA’s individual ratings, with good stats for heading and tackling but slightly short in marking, where he can be caught ball watching at times, leaving his man to peel off into space. Expect those ratings to stay more or less consistent. Another surprisingly low positioning rating could do with a lift from a woeful 45 into the mid-70s, while his dribbling may also see a nudge from 59 into the high 60s considering how comfortable he is with the ball at his feet. These are all small adjustments however, as FIFA generally has Cahill about right in most areas, though his overall stat ceiling of 85 is perhaps a little high.

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