FIFA 15: Expected Chelsea Players Rating

2. Fernando Torres – 80

FIFA 14 Rating – 82

Nobody quite knows how EA’s researchers looked at Fernando Torr-ible’s stats and performances for the past couple of seasons and reached the conclusion that he was an 82 player, but they did and we can only hope this will be the year that, like Chelsea’s management, they finally realise that this is a player who has been in steady decline for some time now. Given his still inexplicably positive reputation, I don’t think FIFA 15 will drop his rating as far as it should go given his consistent struggles in a Chelsea shirt – I’d put him around 77- but it would be insane were he not to see any drop at all. I’ll hedge my bets and say EA will be diplomatic and stick him at 80, perhaps mindful of the fact he may, unlikely though it seems, pick up should he ever leave Stamford Bridge.

Unsurprisingly for a player so overrated, his individual stats tend towards the high side. His finishing of 81 is a bit of a farce for a player who has shown a remarkable ability to miss from the shortest possible distances, although again, this isn’t likely to drop too far given his reputation. 80 again? He’s still a decent dribbler with the ball at his feet, but 83 (plus 84 for Ball Control) is once again unnaturally elevated, as is his Shot Power (84) and hilariously high numbers for Volleys (86), Positioning (81) and Acceleration (84). I would however give him a little increase in Heading Accuracy from 75, as he’s slightly better in the air than often acknowledged. In general, though, this should finally be the year when Torres sees his weak form catch up with him in the FIFA game world.

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