Chelsea Mourn their biggest fan, to wear black armbands at Everton

Mourinho and club Life President in happier times.

Chelsea have decided that the team will play against Everton wearing black armbands to mourn the Loss of Lord Attenborough

Chelsea FC Players will visit Everton this coming Saturday and will hope to make it three in three with a victory over the Merseysiders. This game however holds more significance to every Chelsea Player, Fan and the club as a whole since it will be the first time the team takes to the pitch knowing that Richard Attenborough is not there to support them anymore.

Lord Attenborough passed away this past Sunday at the age of 90 years and 361 days. He was just a few days from celebrating his 91st birthday. This left the club and its supporters in a state of mourning since Attenborough was the most famous and legendary fan that the club has ever had. Through 0ut his life, he introduced the biggest movie stars to his favourite club including the likes of the legendary pop icon Frank Sinatra among many others.

His association with the club began in 1940s when he was invited by the club to its practice sessions to help him attain a tight shape for his movie Brighton Rock. He continued to regularly attend the team’s games ever since. In times of crisis, he was there to help his club out of it. He was a true blue, and as such John Terry was right to say this at his passing away:

“He loved the football club so much and spent a lot of time at games, which he always said to us as a group of players, that was his release from the stress of directing films and being in films himself. And to hear that from such a true legend was really nice for the players.”

“He was so calm and had so much time for everybody at the football club and he was highly respected.”

“We paid our respects today, which we will do again at the weekend. He will always be in our memories at the football club.”

So according to club captain John Terry, Chelsea will pay there respects to the man by wearing black armbands at their next game, which is at Goodison Park on saturday. Considering the magnitude of this loss, and his status as a father figure over the years, the Life President and two time Academy Award winner is getting a befitting farewell from his favorite club. Lets just hope he can cheer the team on to victory from his heavenly abode.

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